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Can Con 5 impressions/review.

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  1. pkwak
    I would like to once again thank everyone for attending Can Con 5. I really enjoyed catching up with everyone and had a fantastic time.
    I would like to thank Wing of Minidisc for once again for joining us and engage with us.
    And a special thank you to Nori for bringing once again your headphone tree without the tree.
    And it was great to catch up with familiar as well as new faces in the meet.
    My impression with very limited as I have spent most of my time at the Can Con listening to Sennheiser HD700 which I loved.
    I do agree it was very unique/unlike anything I have heard before but I have decided that it was to my liking. 
  2. pkwak
  3. Errymoose

    Yeah, I just particularly liked the 560 with the rather neutral/bright Sabre/Soloist pairing i guess.  I don't think it benefitted from any added warmth in the chain, it just felt bloated on the V200.
  4. drez
    I don't think I got to listen to a lot of gear at the meet to be honest, a few DAP's from Wing's table.  Out of those I really liked the ZX2 - I found it very resolving, neutral and dynamic.
  5. Sefu
    Some photos for you guys. I didn't take too many and I didn't get a clear shot of the Blue Hawaii :frowning2:
    My freshly set up table, it's looking quite bare compared to...
    Not so fresh looking now.
    Glamour shot
    DAP/DAC off
    Dita Audio
    This HE560 is in much better condition than mine
    Matching outfit
    endless amount of headphones
    "Almost" Beyer A1 vs A2
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  6. sandalaudio
    Thanks for the great photos. It's great that you brought a lot of demo units for us to try out.
    I'm sure many of us will return to your shop for further listening.
    I tried to avoid listening to the expensive Stax for too long, so that it doesn't make me want to buy it. But they did sound amazing...
  7. thecrow
    Make no mistake: the q701s were a very popular item at the Kazakhstan headfi meet last year year. Here is the guy that organised that meet. image.jpg
  8. johnreekie
    Hi, thank you to Paul and Hiep for organizing the event. It was really great to meet some new fanatics in person :)
    I am, in fact, trying to put together an article about the event. If you should have something you'd like to have included, please do send me a note by PM.
  9. oporto
    Thanks for organizing! The meet was great, I only wish I had arrived early to get to know everyone and the gear better. I really enjoyed trying out different amplifiers, it never ceases to impress me how much they change sound of the cans! My AKGs sounded amazing on the Burson and violectric V200, hmmm which one to get...
    The stax were unbelievable, like @sandalaudio says, better not listen to them too much or we will end up buying it haha
    Here some random pictures I took  https://flic.kr/s/aHskbAi9BZ
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  10. oporto
    haha for under $300 and coupled with a good amplifier they are impressive to my ears! : D
  11. thecrow
    Absolutely. That whole range of solid midfi choices:
  12. hpz
    A bit late here, but thanks to everyone who attended.  It was a great meet to catch up with some of the old faces and greet the new.  
    I thought the balanced HE-560s sounded very well balanced with not a hint of harshness.
    The starter Stax setup, the srs 2170, sounded excellent for the asking price.
    JH Laylas were the best iem i've ever listened to, but due to the size it would most definitely fall out of my ears if I tried to move my head.
    Overall a very nice meet, and looking forward to the next one.
  13. sandalaudio
    I thought that I couldn't get the best sound out of the JH Layla because of the poor fit on my ears. I know it has a lot of potential but it was too hit and miss depending on the positioning.
    This is leading me into customs, so I should stop thinking about it...
  14. thecrow
    Sabre/soloist pairing = Burson conductor Virtuoso (sabre dac) = $1700 with bonus second (Warmer) dac board option thrown in
  15. Errymoose

    Everyone trying to get me to spend money!!  I was sorely tempted by a HE560 on stereonet for $750 the day after the meet, but it sold before I really thought about it too much :p
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