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Campfire Audio Equinox Custom IEM - Beta

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  1. unknownguardian
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  2. rantng
    When I spoke to Ken Ball at CanJam NYC a few months back he did hint that they were working on a CIEM. I figured they’d announce something when they were ready so I just kept it under wraps. When they announced their custom ear tips I felt dejected because I thought that was what he meant, but it looks like they are indeed working on a CIEM. One of the biggest hurdles was how to implement TAEC in a custom. Don’t know if this uses it though.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  3. iBo0m
    Custom version of Andromeda or its potencial successor would be awesome =)
  4. rantng
    This looks to be using a 10mm driver though, so closer to possibly a CIEM version of Atlas.
  5. iBo0m
    Yes, I know. From this description a 10mm DD suggests exact equivalent to Atlas. I was just pointing out Andromeda to be great in custom shell, because the fit is much more tricky, but soundwise excellent.
  6. rantng
    I have fit issues with Campfire’s non-BA based IEMs so this would suit me more. A custom Andromeda would be amazing though.
  7. audionewbi
    A custom CF dynamic driver? Where do I sign up to get this?
  8. KB Contributor
    Hey Guys,

    Ah yes we were trying to keep this low key since we are only making a very very small number of these as a beta test to see how we like our hand at custom IEM. I dont think we will have the bandwidth to ever make a huge number of CIEMS but is something we are going to methodically work on in a slow deliberate pace. Sorry this is why we did not make any big noise about this wonderful product. We have a lot of respect for the craft and effort it takes to make a good fit and excellent product. So we would like to go slow and make sure we are making the nest possible product. Sorry we cant open the barn doors and make a bunch at this time.

    But yes its true we are going to be making a CIEM and this first one is really something special! So ladies and gentlemen we give you the new Campfire Audio Equinox IEM.

    Features and highlights are:

    10mm ADLC (Diamond) full range custom dynamic driver
    Precision 3D printed solid unibody shell design using all bio compatible materials
    Solid stainless steel accent parts that secure the driver
    Pressure relief bore to enhance and flatten the FREQ
    Low impact short insertion for comfort and ease of insertion and removal of the CIEM
    Pure silver litz cable
    That signature Campfire sound, rich and wide wide wide.

    We plan to do a limited run of Equinox CIEMS for the USA and beyond soon and please bear with us as we move forward.


    Here is the Equinox CEIM along with the show demo universal variant we will use to demo at shows. The universal demo does not sounds as good as the its actual custom form so I just want to let people who demo the universal version know that the custom you will get is going to sound way better than the universal demo. We will be displaying the Equinox at this years Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF) and will be the official USA debut :wink: We invite people to please stop by the Campfire Audio booth to give it a listen, look and feel. (sorry we will not be making or selling the demo version of the Equinox CIEM)

    Thank you,

    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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  9. rantng

    I’ve been sitting on my hands ever since we spoke about you guys working on a CIEM at CanJam NYC. Now I can finally scream it from the rooftops!
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  10. robertjwarren
  11. koven Contributor
    Ken, will you be taking orders at RMAF for Equinox?
  12. KB Contributor
    That is our plan yes.

    More tid bits. So we were hoping to keep this a slow roll but it seems this is going to be hard and I hope to not piss a lot of people off. Please bear in mind that Campfire is truly a small tiny craft company, I know you hear that a lot but honestly we are. If you have a chance to visit our sausage factory in Portland Oregon you will immediately understand what I mean. We are a collection of super talented misfits that truly love what we do and are super proud of our creations. We only have 17 employees so cant make a lot of CIEMs. We plan to so very very small seasonal releases of CIEMs, I am talking small set numbers. I am sure we will not be able to meet demand for CIEM versions so some people might not be too jazzed about that. Campfire wants to stay focused on our universal line up and stay true to making top notch no compromise products. With that said we want to some day port some of our existing universal hits into a CIEM version. I know very well that a custom VS its universal twin the custom will always be slightly superior to the custom for obvious reasons.

    Thank you and good Qs

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  13. bvng3540
    I'm local can i stop by tomorrow so I can place an order for one:ksc75smile:
  14. KB Contributor
    HI bvng3540, were still in Hong Kong wrapping up the show. Of course your welcome to stop by and say hi, I get back on Tuesday. Typically if customers would like to come by and demo things in our demo living room area and pet our shop dog we like to ask that you call JD a little ahead of time so we can be warned and set the stuff up you are interested in. At this time however we are not yet taking orders but can get a list going I suppose. Just PM or email me at


    I can no stress enough that this is a beta run and we might not be able to get everyone a unit. We are a small and would like to stay small, I have no dreams of being a big booming company and like our DNA.

    Thank you guys so much for your interest and support.

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  15. Panohm
    So it's a single dynamic with dual sound bore? Interesting
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