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Calling all OPEN Darth Beyer owners

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by buddha911, Apr 22, 2007.
  1. buddha911
    I just found out that open V3 Darth Beyers are now available, and I feel that I know enough about the closed darths, but not enough about the V3 open darths. I know some of you have these new open darths i.e. Darth Boobies, Snakewood, variable darths etc... So basically I'm asking: Can you do a short (or long review) of your open Darth Beyers and how they sound with the covers on and off, and if possible compare them to your closed darths? Please? (wow, I said "darth" a lot)

    -Thank You
  2. spacemanspliff
  3. BushGuy
    I bought my v.1 Screened as slightly used and talked with orig. owner (nearly two years ago). I've always luved them, as does new owner. It seemed we all have agreed on one issue - we have preferred and ended up choosing to never use the plugs, but enjoy them open. He (orig. buyer) was going to electostatics (not my kind of choice) and I now have v.3 closed and a pair of v.3 25ohm in progress (having just sold both those orig. Screened Darths ([there were variations within that first gen.] and a pair of v.2 closed). .........cutting to the eventual chase in terms of advisement - never buy closed in pref. to screened, unless you have a real need for the closed version (I know that others feel differently). While I own 2005 dt990/600Ω, I still do, obviously, have uses for Darthbeyers. If you were a friend and neighbor, I'd be recommending either a pair of v.3 Screened Dartbeyers, or a pair of 2005 dt990/600Ω, or to consider what happens to the concept of Screened DarthDenon D2000. They could be very intriguing - I have a feeling that it will be very dependent on your musical choices .i.e intrumental vs. vocals within genre.

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