CAL2 broke after 6 years so now what? Momentum or M-100?
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Apr 2, 2012
Hi guys,

I owned the CAL2 for 6-7 years and they finally broke. I feel sad as these were my first "serious" headphones. I also had a lot of fun modding them with Dynamat, which tidied up the bass. Strange how one can be so attached to a pair of headphones. I think it is because of all the hours I've put into modding them in different ways.


Now I want to move onto something even better. I like the V shape sound, but the bass on CAL2 can sometimes be too much. I was thinking of the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 wired and V-Moda 100.
I lean more towards the Momentum because of the more neutral sound (I know they are not neutral, but compared to CAL2 they are). The M-100 look ugly IMO, too techno looking, but they have that V-shape sound, even though I'm afraid they are just going to sound like my CAL2.

So my question is: I've been reading a lot about the Momentum 2.0s here and the reviews are really mixed. Some say they are the best closed headphones, while others say they are extremely boring. Quite a contrast there.

I found them for 210USD. Should I go for it?

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