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Cable suggestion for Hifiman HE-4XX

  1. rssarma

    I have the Massdrop HE-4XX headphones, but the cable that it came with is really short and I need something that's at least 3m long. These headphoens have 3.5mm connectors on both ends and strangely enough, I haven't been able to find any cables with 3.5mm male connectors on both ends! The only cable I found was from "CablesOnline" which is a 6ft stereo to mono splitter and that works fine, but it's still not long enough.

    I'm not keen on buying a cable that costs more than the headphone itself. I'd really appreciate suggestions as all my searches have come up empty!
  2. rssarma
    BUMP, no suggestions?
  3. Jodet
    Here you go:


    They have a ten foot cable for you. I just ordered a seven foot pair of their cables for my HE4XX.
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  4. rssarma
    Wow that's half the price of the headphones ($75)! Thank you so much for the link, I somehow thought I would be able to find something for around $20?!
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  5. ExacoMvm
    I am looking for one too, max 20euros ( getting it for looks only, since cable doesn't improve quality, unless its really crappy one ). Need european site.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
  6. lebel22
  7. legion1capone
  8. Implacable
  9. mindhead1
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  10. mindhead1
    I recently picked up a balanced Periapt Cable to use with my 4xx and Aune X7S. It’s the best $75 I’ve spent in a while. This is my 2nd balances cable from Periapt. The other is for my 6xx. The cables are well built and look great. I waited about 6 month to get the balanced cables for the 4xx. That was a mistake. The X7S is meant to be used balanced both my 6xx and 4xx shine in balanced mode from the X7S via my Periapt cables.
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