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Broken Hifiman Re 400

  1. zxcv4306
    Hello, my dog just ripped the cable on my re 400 and I don't know how to open the casing of driver to recable it. Any help would be very appreciated
    Sorry for posting on the wrong section. I just realized I should have posted it on Help & Recommendations.
  2. kimvictor
    Why don't you send your re400 to btg audio? They will recable it for you for a reasonable price.
  3. ktan3142
    @OP: If you decide to do it, please post your status regarding the recabling, since Brian refused to recable my RE-ZERO (he said he generally had trouble recabling that model). He also does not wish to recable RE 262's (and probably the 272's because of similar structure), so I'm just curious if his policy would change for the RE-400.

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