Broke my igrados = iKSC75 lol
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Feb 22, 2005
Well I finally had some time to listen to my igrados today. First thought was these sounds like crap, no kidding, they were so muddy and boomy. The highs were really dark in comparison to my ksc75 on a headband.

So I thought, heck let's do the removing the cloth mod, but then I saw that they were hot glued on, and after I popped off the cover with a flat head, the drivers themselves were hot glued to the housing.

So after 10 minutes of trying to pry them out, I somehow killed the driver, well stabbed it. O well I am out $28 bucks since I got them open box from onecall.

My ksc75 with the partsexpress headband looks ugly, so I decided to remove the black covering on the ksc75, did the cloth mod to the igrado's housing, popped the ksc75 in there, very very very easy as they are the same size.

Sounds pretty sweet, bass is totally cleaned up, but not losing any impact. Mids are somehow more forward, even though they are positioned farther away from the ears. Treble seems to extend farther, maybe because of the increased soundstage? I don't know, you people with igrados that aren't hot glued and have a pair of ksc75 laying around should throw them in there for fun

O did I mention these are comfy as heck?

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