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Brainwavz HM5 Pads (Different Colours / Velour / Leather)

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  1. jasonb
    How are the velour pads on the HM5? What's it do to the sound?
  2. DJScope
    The white ones look AMZEBALLS!!!! Might have to pick up a pair!
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  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Another picture of the white leather HM5 pads on SRH440 which slipped past featuring on the OP yesterday.

    Give you an idea of the depth and comfort. Actually gives SRH440 quite a large soundstage.

  4. Ira Delphic
    Would these fit Donscorpio Dolphin? I like the red velour!
  5. peter123

    Well, sort of :wink:


    Not sure I'd recommend it though since the fit is far from perfect and the cable is in the way since the pads needs to fit around the housing.

    They also loose almost all isolation and bass......
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  6. SkyBleu
    So...Where can one acquire these pads?
  7. Salsera
    On Amazon.com, look for Brainwavz earpads.
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  8. Toothless
    Will there be any significant change to the sound of Beyerdynamic DT990 with these pads on (I'm talking about both the leather and velour pads)? I recently purchased a used DT990 and its last owner probably overused it, which makes the pads shrunken like there's no tomorrow. Buying a original new pair is an option, but it will literally cost me an arm and two legs. So, these Brainwavz pads might be a more economic alternative.
  9. TrollDragon
    Well here they are the HM5 Velour's on the DT880's...
    Comfort is not as good as the beyerdynamic pads since the opening in the HM5's is a bit smaller and one gets used to that big round beyer pad. As far as thickness and softness go they are very comfy and fully usable. They don't quite fit on the beyer's due to the way the yokes attach to the cups which causes the mounting pleather to get bunched up on the rim of the cup, this could be made to look nice by working the edge up while putting it on.
    BUT these HM5 Velour's suck all the treble out of the DT880's and cause the bass to be very boomy, so they are a definite NO for the DT880's. The Stock beyerdynamic velour's have many holes all the way around the backing which allows air to move through the pad, where the HM5 velour's don't have any holes at all. One could probably spend a lot of time and effort to cut holes in the backing pleather but I doubt it would be a worthwhile task.
  10. jasonb
    Mine were finally delivered. I'll be trying them out tonight when I'm home from work. I'm excited for the velour pads, but I'm assuming they will change the sound. We will see.
  11. jasonb
    I got my new pads courtesy of Audrey from Brainwavz. These are being used on my HM5.

    The velour ones are a bit to wide creating noticeably less space inside when worn, and they also were leaving a gap behind my ears. The velour pads also don't isolate as well as the original pads or the thick pleather pads.

    The thick pleather pads are the ones to get. They create even better sound stage width and instrument separation than the original pads. The seal around my ears is perfect with no pressure points, and they don't compress as much as the original pads which leaves the drivers further from your ears. They are still as big inside in terms of width as the original pads, pretty much just deeper with better foam inside.

    The thick pleather ones are a nice improvement over the standard HM5 pads.
  12. Folex
    I am blown away at people using the hm5's on any beyerdynamic. I spent about 10 seconds trying to put them on my 990 and instantly said there is no way. 
    I've used both the velour and pleather hm5 pads and this is the conclusion I've come too.
    - Better bass impact
    - Feel better when you first put them on
    - Isolate better
    - No complaints of them itching. I've heard some people say velour does. I've never had this issue
    - Thicker
    - Will not heat up on long listens
    - Better soundstage
    - Clearer all-around sound due to non-boosted bass. 
    My good friend Casper swears by the pleather hm5 and I couldn't see anyone not using the velour pads. It really comes down to your personal pref. 
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  13. TrollDragon
    Let me show you an incredible looking pair of German Maestro GMP 8.300D Pro's! [​IMG]
    The red Velour on the Ultrasone HFI-780's. Comfort jump 100X over the nasty stock Ultrasone pads.
    If you have not tried a pair of the new Thick HM5 pads yet, get them NOW! They are a nice upgrade over the original pads.
    Back Row: Thick Black Pleather, Thick White Pleather, Thick Black Velour.
    Front Row: Original HM5 Pleather, Thick Red Velour.
    These pads will fit on any headphone that has an oval or round cup size of 100mm or less. Obviously the smaller the size the looser they will fit.
    The also fit on the Fostex T50RP's, but they do take a bit of work to stretch the backs out. The T50RP's have a cup size of 100mm x 110mm and you will tear the pleather on the back of the pads if you are not careful or do not take your time.
    Pleather provides a bass boost and has a very nice pillowy comfort, but they can get quite warm. Velour's on the other hand, reduce bass, don't get sweaty and are very soft.
    Thanks to Audrey and Brainwavz for the samples of the new pads used in the above pictures.
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  14. jasonb
    I've been listening to my HM5 with the thick pleather pads for the last 3 hours and I like them a lot. Even more comfy than the original pads and the sound stage improvement is nice as well.
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