Bowers&Wilkins new flagship the P9!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by redogfizbal, Sep 6, 2016.
  1. Darth John
    I'm looking forward to my pair arriving tomorrow. I'm curious to see how they sound to me compared to my pair of wired p7 that I have been using for a little over a year now.
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  2. Slim1970
    Let us know your impressions. I have the P9’s and enjoy them quite a bit.
  3. endgame
    I couldn’t disagree more. To my ears, the 1540’s have the much wider soundstage and the treble between the two is very similar. Both have north of neutral bass, but the P9’s have even more. There’s no comparison on comfort as the 1540’s are feather-light and the P9’s weight is substantial. Both sound good.
  4. bifeo001
    The p9 are great, I will be dong a headfi review of it soon.
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  5. Darth John
    I look forward to seeing your review and what you think about it. I will definitely give my opinion and comparison after I get them and have some time to listen to them.
  6. Art Garfunkel
    In my own listening evaluations, the Shure sounds rather closed in and smoothed over in comparison with the P9, with the 1540 lacking in some dynamics, punch and zip. It is my opinion that they are two completely different sets of headphones.
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  7. endgame
    Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just find it interesting because I sold my P9 because I found it inferior in every way to my 1540’s. It had a smaller soundstage, too much mid bass which drowned out the mids and highs in some tracks, and it was a lot heavier and more expensive.
  8. Art Garfunkel
    Oh no doubt, I agree on many of your contentions. I was trying to point out that these two were like apples and oranges, in that the P9 was out front and in your face, quite energetic and powerful, and, to my ears, in comparison, the Shure was laid back, distant and mellow. It is my experience that is is a difficult task to be able to be both upfront and have a spacious soundstage and whatnot.
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  9. JoePR31
    I hear it the same way you do. I found P9's are more resolving and dynamic, and they are also superior when it comes to imaging. Regarding sound stage, I found the width on both to be good for closed headphones, but the P9's sound stage seemed more coherent...maybe a byproduct of their excellent imaging.

    The Shure's are comfy, but in no way are the P9's not comfortable. They are heavy, but the weight distribution between the head band and ear cushions is ideal, and the padding and the leather under the head band may be the softest I've ever felt.
  10. TooFrank
    Today I really experienced the P9 shining: Take a listen to David Gilmour's Live at Pompei. (Just released). This is difficult to beat - Cheers.
  11. msp
    Hallo, I asked the support about the lighting cable, I was informed that it is in production and they expect to ship it this month. I hope that will be the case.

    I hope I can sell my Mojo now

    BR Morten
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  12. Mr X
    Almost the end of the month. Anyone received theirs? I’m guessing it’s still not out yet.

    I’ve just finally received my Poly to go with my Mojo and after listening to that combo, I’m in less need of the cable and certainly wouldn’t sell my mojo over the cable.
  13. msp
    No nothing have arrived here... but it is still October, not for long so let's see...
  14. Slim1970
    Yeah, I don't even seem a mention of the lightning cable on the website any longer. I hope it's still being made.
  15. Dtuck90
    First post here but I’ve been a long time lurker. Unfortunately I bring bad news. I received this email from B&W this afternoon after I inquired about the progress of the cable.

    Dear Daniel,
    I have just received confirmation that we have faced further delay in the development process of this special cable. You will appreciate we are not prepared to comprise on our exacting standards, so that we can guarantee you world class acoustic experience every time you use your P9.
    We are very confident that we will be able to ship the cable in the near future. It’s our ambition to release it before the end of this year.
    We fully understand your disappointment and would like to ask you one more time for your patience.
    Kind regards,
    Tanya Stone
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