Bought the DT770 pro 80
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Dec 18, 2007
hi i bought the new DT 770 pro 80 two nights abo after the help of a few people So far they are sweet. The feel nice and the bass is wicked. I was reading over the forum to see what to do to break them in and read to play pink noise. question is what the heck is pink noise and where can i get a sound clip to play load on my ipod. if thats possible

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Just play music, but I have found that you really want them to go 125 hours for them to achieve their sound.
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2x on burn-in
I thought they were defective out of the box. Now they sound completely different. Better
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I got them recently too, they are really great. They really cleared up after burn in.
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They don't seem to need as much burn-in as the HD600/650 or the K701. Figure maybe 100 hours.
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Whats important to note is that as you go to sleep thats prime time for you to play pink noise in phones that are otherwise not doing anything. Gives you a good 8 hours or so (~16 if your a business major!) that you can get in a day of burn in while your not going to be using them anyway. Burn-in whilst away, music when you arrive home.
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A lot of you guys are remarking that these headphones "Cleared up" and etc after burn in. I recently was looking at buying a pair of these, as I wish my current headphones had better bass extension...

I Listened to a pair brand new out of the box at the store, and found them sloppy and overbearing; That pretty much goes away? I was so disapointed when I heard the large amounts of bass, but then realized it was killing the rest of the music!

Could you guys describe how exactly they "Clean up" with burn in?
Also, if anyone has experience gaming with these, how are they for that?


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