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Bought new senn ie8

  1. genesyndrome
    Hi I am a 16 year old who has become very interested in the expensive hobby of listening to fine audio devices. I just recently bought a pair of sennheiser ie8's from eBay for 160USD but I have my suspicions.


    Has anybody had previous dealings with this seller? Is he reliable?
  2. AstroTurf
    Isn't that water under the bridge?

    Enjoy your headphones, else wise, you will make yourself crazy with doubt.


    PS Welcome to the Mad Mad World of Audiophile.
  3. hapasam
    Be very careful with the IE8 headphones. If the price seems too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Even if it costs 200$ it might be a fake. If you google fake IE8, you will find a whole head fi thread on how to spot fake ie8 headphones and the comparison between the real ones and the fake ones. Instead of the IE8, I would say you should get the IE80
  4. ej8989
    unfortunately there already is a fake ie80
  5. genesyndrome
    Thank you, and I would rather buy the ie80 but the price is to steep for me to afford, if it worth it though I'll find a way to muster up some money to get it. Unfortunately I have already purchased them I will post pics and my opinion about them once they arrive. I have also seen many ie8 on eBay around the same price range usually for auction
  6. genesyndrome
    I emailed my seller to confirm if the ie8 he sold me is genuine or not he claims they are but I have my suspicions. He even referred me to check the head fi forum concerned with fake vs real ie8s.
  7. genesyndrome
    Ok so my senn ie8 has arrived and it looks genuine except the case does not have a metal plate at the back of the case for the other part of the case to magnetically attach to can someone please help me
  8. Kelric
    Well what you can do is checking detailed pictures and measure yours.
    I got fake IE-7 once, but it was hard to see the truth without knowing the original ones for real.
    2 Things:  was there a foil around the black plastic of the metal case?
    Is the Cleaning tool included and has both ends(svcrew driver and metal loop)?
    Important: Compare the Sennheiser logo with the original one(from the website for example) an see if it looks exactly the same or if it looks not so curved/organic
    Does the brushed aluminum plates of the Case have a matt/dull finish or are they more shiny/glittery
    Usually these metalplates of the Case look very dull for brushed aluminium.
    IE 8:   Is the Cable detachable?  Are the Borders of the corpus between front and backpart smooth or rigid. Sennheisers top level in ears are highclass products, which results in a nearly perfect in ear corpus without any edge bigger than a hair between the corpus parts.
    A while ago I found a website which had the exact measurements of each part of the cable. Search for it. Most fakes do not have the exact length of each part of the cable, as Original IE-8
    Also check unboxing videos of the IE-8.  That can tell you if something is missing in your package. And if there is something missing, it can be a hint for a fake.
    Also ask Sennheiser by sending them the serial number.  Thast probably the easiest way.
  9. genesyndrome
    Thank you, your information helped clear somethings up 
    here are some pictures can you please help determine wether these are fake or not.
  10. Kelric
    Can´t see any picture(gmail error).  Better use imageshack or picasa if you want to stick to google.
    I found this webpages 2secs ago:  http://www.losslessaudio.ru/naushniki/obzor-sennheiser-ie8
    Checkout their big detail pictures for comparison.

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