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Bose Triport IE2

  1. gamerich
    I've had the Bose Triport IE2s for quite a while and one thing that constantly bugs me is the lack of seal which naturally leads to lack of isolation.
    I was wondering if there were any solutions to this issue, such as replacing the odd half in-ear tip with something else that'll hopefully provide the seal.
    If not, I'll be on the lookout for any nice IEMs under $100 that has an flat to a slight U-shaped sound signature. Any suggestions are welcome. [​IMG]
  2. akash neagi
    You could look into the Sony XBA-1....
  3. bubsdaddy
    The only solution is to wear a hearing protection headphone over the IE2. I sometimes do that while mowing the lawn. You can change tips out that will turn the IE2 into a pseudo-IEM but there will still be 3 ports that will allow sound to leak in and the bass will be overwhelming. I would just buy an IEM to use when I need isolation.

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