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Bombproof headphones with good bass recommendation.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rocmcban, Oct 17, 2012.
  1. rocMcBan
    Could someone please recommend some headphones for my 13yo son.
    They should have good bass, and above all, be bombproof as he is quite rough on his gear. 
    Sound quality (outside of bass) is relatively important but comes second to sturdiness, he already broke a few pairs by sitting on them, throwing them in his bag and then books on top, you see the kind. 
    If they can be good looking it'll only help (now what is good looking for a 13yo is another debate ...) 
    Price range is about USD 150, but if there is a big jump in robustness I might be fine with forking (reasonably) more cash. He's a great kid, straight A, just that he is tough on his gear, and I am ready to accept this.
    I thought maybe some DJ headphones might be better built, but I will revert to the competence of this forum in the matter. 
    So far, what I came up with are the V-Moda Crossfade M-80 ? 
    Any other ideas ? 
    Thank you in advance.
    Roderick McBan 
  2. PastaChief
    V-Moda do seem to offer exactly what you're looking for. I would suggest V-Moda Crossfade LP2. Depends if he wants on-ear or around-ear headphones.
  3. rocMcBan
    Thanks Pasta Chief.
    IIRC, it is around ear that he wants, and indeed the LP2 look better and better.
    In fact, I misstyped in my previous post, I had LP2s in mind but in the synapse towards the keyboard it got changed in to M-80.
  4. punks15
    HD25 is a tank, if you can get it secondhand and within your budget it's a good choice too
  5. rocMcBan
    Ouch for the sticker price for the HD25 ...
    Indeed my only option would be a used one, I'll keep it in mind. New, my son'll have to get only A++++ like Lisa Simpson before I spend that much on headphones.
    Another question that pops after looking at both V-moda offerings and HD25: Isn't that little wire sticking out of each side in danger of getting hooked on something and ripped off ? 
    Most other DJ headphones that I looked at don't have this and the wires are concealed within the hinges.
  6. Sanotter
  7. HideousPride
    I believe the 13 year old me would far prefer the looks of the V-Moda line to the HD25.
    I do not like the 700MK2 because it is not convenient to use as a portable headphone.
    You should not experience any troubles with the wire you mentioned. I've thrown my LP1 around, and it's still in fine working condition.
    For bass, style, and durability, I don't think you can go wrong with the LP1/2.
  8. Prakhar
    Crossfade LP2

    I think theee 2 are your best bet...

    How about IEMs?
  9. Malevolent
    If you are concerned that the exposed wires might pose a problem, just go with the PRO700MK2. They are very well built, and offer comparatively decent sound quality with very good bass.
    The Crossfade LP2 is also a solidly built can with massive gobs of bass. Choose it only if you're an extreme basshead.
    The Crossfade M-80 and HD25-1 are solid, portable cans with good general sound quality coupled with decent bass extension. They are however, not very bassy (as far as basshead cans go).
    On a sidenote, the Technics DH1200 are pretty solidly built cans (as are most DJ-styled headphones) with good bass clarity. It's is quite tough to get a hold of them, though.
  10. rocMcBan
    Thanks to all who replied.
    LP2s have been ordered yesterday evening. Custom shields with an image of a yugioh blue eyes white dragon will be ordered this weekend after we find a suitable image to upload on the v-moda site.
    Malevolent, I am using the DH1200 at work, they are readily available here in Switzerland.
    To all who recommended the PRO700MK2, they look HOT and now I am hooked :) I really hope a pair will teleport under the tree come Christmas. It made me realize I need a good pair for listening at home too...
  11. LugBug1
    Sennheiser make some good lower end models that sound fab for the money. Also they are light and plasticky which means they can be thrown about a bit without damage.
    Edit: just seen that if you have already ordered, ignore me [​IMG]
  12. JonnyN
    Another vote for the Pro700Mk2. Built like a tank and very good overall sound with amazing bass capability. They'd have to take a serious beating to break I think.
  13. PastaChief
    Congrats on making the order! I think you and your son will be very happy. As for getting the PRO700MK2 as well, I say go for it :wink:
    Just use my personal motto when deliberating between two things - "Why not both?" then my wallet slaps some sense into me :p
  14. MalVeauX
    I watched a 2 year old demolish a pair of M80's. I had to call Vmoda to have them repaired. Nothing is going to be totally bombproof.
    That said, I tortured a M-Audio Q40 and it's pretty sturdy. Less moving parts means less to break. Plus it looks pretty good, not classy, but not like a transformer either. Very bassy. Detachable cable that can be replaced. Plenty of pads that can replace the stock pods. Under your budget too.
    Review in signature for Q40. I'd definitely give it to a kid who's rough.

    Edit: Boo, you already ordered. Oh well, good luck with them.
    Very best,
  15. rocMcBan
    An update on the V-Modas, a few months after getting them:
    The headphones are holding very well, and the owner is still very happy.
    On the plus sides, he stands out in the sea of beats around him. the build quality appears very good.
    Maybe the most intelligent thing is the exoskeleton/box/rigid carrying pouch kind of thingy, I am convinced this saved their skin more than a few times.
    Cables are excellent too, they don't tangle and appear robust.
    All in all, so far it has been a very good purchase, thanks to all who contributed.
    Rod McBan

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