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Bluedio UFO 8 Drivers Bluetooth Headphones Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gamerhaha, Apr 27, 2015.
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  1. GamerHAHA
    Hey guys! This is my first ever review here so take it easy on me :D
    The Packing & Accessories - They say "Look Can be Deciving"

    A MUCH MUCH BIGGER packing then Bluedio has ever been. A very simple "designer work" which doesn't requires a lot of fancy designs at all when you look at the packing. One simple GIANT box showing the side of the headset, the name and some brief "selling point", definitely not something that can easily catch your eyes when its in a headphone shop with a bunch of other brands.
    Once opened, I'm very happy with the carrying case. FINALLY! A carrying case! and its a HARD CARRYING CASE! Countless
     times we broke our headphones when we carry them out in our bags, earmuff torned and teared, dropping on the floor by accident and now we don't have to worry about that, nor kiddos/wifey/maid spilling orange juice/water/coffe/whatever it is on them! such a relief :D
    Open the paper cover on the side and there's the user manual, with multiple languages, which I know the Chinese and English in them, no noticable error/typo and that's a big improvement for Bluedio and many others Chinese electronic appliances manufactorer. The two cables are inside the carrying case, standard accessories as in the previous R/R+/R+ Legend.
    Packing: 6/10 (Neat, not over packed, nothing fancy)
    Accessories: 6/10 (Standard accessories just as expected from any over ear headphones)
    The Headset Physical - "I don't look sick just as you don't look stupid"
    Initial impression when I first take it out from the box is that "OMG this is one heavy headphone". I don't really have the exact weight of the UFO headphone but comparing it with R+/R+ Legend, I'd say it's almost double the weight. And then I notice the build quality, A LOT BETTER than any Bluedio headphones before. Other than the headband (Artificial leather wrapping around plastic headband inside), earmuff (Artificial leather and.... I don't know what stuffing inside), and the buttons (plastic), everything else that frame the UFO headphone are made with metal. This is the kind of build quality which makes the user feels like it's gonna last so much longer than the relationship with the wifey :D The headband width is about 17.5cm, with a strong and flexible metal slider on both sides, easy to adjust. Ear muff is 7.5x10cm on the outside, 2.5x5.5 inside, with thickness of 2cm. The cover is made of artificial leather, quite smooth and soft. Stuffing inside is.... I don't know what it is XD but it feels very similiar to a medium hardness couch, I can relate to that coz you can hear the exact same air squeezing sound when you press both earmuffs on your ears just as you sit on the couch. The buttons are so much bigger than R+/R+ Legend, easy to control as you wouldn't need to try searching for the button with your finger tips, just reach for the control side and just press it god dammit! and there you go! Yeah! volume up and down, next and previous song, pause and play. Installed with mic for conversation, and support 3.5mm line-in if you want to use it with a non-bluetooth equipped source/ your UFO ran out of batteries (funny how UFO now needs batteries, they should be flying on alien technology XD). It's also built with this friendly AMP-By pass which you can still power it with your source device by3.5mm line-in. What's supposed to be there, they are there.
    Build Quality: 8.5/10 (Most parts built with metal, very solid, expected to last long, but it can be quite heavy for some)
    Comfort: 7/10 (Its heavy if you use it continously for a few hours, considering how heavy it is, the headband cushion is doing quite a good job. Earmuff are soft and comfy, but they can trap some heat after a couple of hours)
    The Sound - "Just close your eyes, listen to the sound of your heartbeat, your very own music"
    For those who tried/ already own a Bluedio R+/ R+ Legend, this UFO headphone is providing the exact same sound, music-wise. Confirmed by my regional distributor that the UFO is equipped with the exact same drivers and AMP as in R+/ R+ Legend. For those who never tried those previous versions before, it's a very "BEATS" style: Strong thumping bass that can almost jump over your ears, mids are sufficient, leaning towards to lows & bass and less on the high notes, great for general Pop music and electronica. So what's new? A new function named "3D DSP Sound Effect" according to the user menu. It only works when the headphone is connected via Bluetooth. I first turned it on (long press the forward button until you hear a beep) while I'm listening to some Maroon 5 and suddenly Adam Levine sounds like sh!t (not so Suger nor Jagger anymore :frowning2: ) , so I turn it off (long press the back button, another beep, to disable), Adam sounds sexy again. So I tried it with a couple more songs from Adam Lambert to Russell Watson, and from Lady Gaga to Katherine Jenkins, none ever worked well with this 3D DSP Sound Effect, this thing isn't making aany sense at all! so I gave up on testing it with music and move towards another direction, which to my opinion, give the UFO headphones a whole new purpose - MOVIE!
    First tried the UFO with playing "Star Wars Revenge of the Sith" on my iPad Mini, sounds fairly okay normally and with the 3D DSP Sound Effect on, it's definately a big WOW for me. There's so much more depth, and a little bit of left and right, up and down, back and forth while watching Obi-wan and Ani steering their fighters through the crowd of Destoryers and Buzz-Droids. So I move onto my Bluray player and hoping for even better performance with 7.1 Surround Sound movie source. First Bluray movie I tried with the UFO is "Gravity". The sound details are REALLY GOOD! That slight difference of Sandra Bullock breathing and talking with her mask on and off, buttons switching, enginee lowly humming etc, they are all there but I'd just never heard those details with the music headphones I've been using. And of course, the surround sound positioning. The position is quite accurate. Tried those expensive DTS wirelss headphones in show rooms before and they are just too expensive for me so I just tried the goodies and that's it, I don't own any to be honest, but I do play games and I have a bunch of USB Surround Sound Gaming headset so I know what it is to have good surround sound. The UFO is offering something similar to PC USB Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound, you can hear sounds coming from different directions and flow to another direction. Of course, not as great detail as DTS ones, but this one is already VERY GOOD, considering it's only a Bluetooth, and it requires no cable between your headphones and your TV/PC/whatever device. Tested the UFO further with a couple more of my Bluray collection "Intersteller" , "Exodus: Gods & Kings" and "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol". Not matter its Matthew McConaughey "floating" himself from one side to another peeking at himself from the past, giant wave approaching from the far side while Moses and Ramses charge towards each other from two sides, or Ethan Hunt rolling his ball (hey I know what you are thinking! no nasty stuff here XD ) all over the floor in the prison corridor, the details and positioning are of satisfaction level for a movie headphone.
    Music: 6.5/10 (good for pop and electronica genes, fairly okay for highs and detailed vocals)
    Movie: 8.5/10 (not as good as DTS movie headphones but c'mon! good music + good movie all round + no cable hassel + strongly built frame? I'm IN!)
    Overall: 7.5/10
    The 3D DTS Surround Sound is really good for movie (did i mention I watched Pacific Rim Bluray with the UFO also? YEAH GYPSY KICK HIS ASS!!!!), no improvement in music performance and that's okay for me as I listen to a huge varity of music and that includes pop and eletronicas and EDMs. The build quality is good, comes with a hard protective carrying case, standard accessories. It maybe a little expensive for a Bluedio but as an all rounded music+movie headphone? I'd say "Im luv'in it!"
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  2. whitegravy
    That was a great reviww, can't believe it was your first... I think I'm sold :wink: Great job
  3. GamerHAHA
    haha, thanks buddy, im just trying :D
  4. CSironos
    In my opinion my pair just arrived yesterday and I am actually disappointed.... The whole purpose of having woofers is heart thumping, deep, bass. These headphones don't have deep bass, you can't feel it in your palms when you hold them, the whole point of woofers is for that insane bass. So I'm sending mine back, I'm all about feeling the bass and I don't feel it at all, it's very minor.. And they wobble on your head feels like they are going to fall, and Is it just me or do they feel like they will break easily?
    And I'm not happy they lied as my impression when they said 'leather' is that it was real leather, but no it's artificial...
    Although you say it's heavy but for me it's standard not as heavy as I thought...
    Very disappointing
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  5. whitegravy
    Strange they are the same as bludio r+ and people say the bass is great on them... I'm confused now.. What can you compare them to?
  6. GamerHAHA
    ok, lets comparing the UFO with some other Bluetooth headphones that I actually own :)
    1. BEATS Studio Wireless
    2. AKG K845BT
    3. Bluedio R+
    4. Bluedio UFO
    So the BEATS Studio Wirelss is the one that I use the most often, it's pretty light weight that I can put it on my ears for few hours a day and still it doesn't feel heavy. Not the best headband nor earmuff design but pretty comfortable overall. Bass is still at its best as a BEATS, strong and solid, vocals are slightly laid back, average mids and highs. So to my opinion...
    BEATS Studio Wireless:
    Sound: 7/10 (mostly for its bass, POP and EDM use)
    Comfort: 7/10 (light weight, not too tight nor loose)
    Build Quality: 7/10 (framed with plastic, nice finishing and paint)
    Overall: 7/10 (bassy but pretty good sound, comfy, fashionable item)
    Price: US349.95 (to date 2/5/2014 on Amazon)
    The AKG K845BT's sound performance is all round the best for me. Very good balance between bass, mids and highs, vocals are more forward than the BEATS, soundstage is really good after I give it 200hrs+ burn in time. Doesn't look as fashionable as the BEATS. Buttons on the headphone is difficult to press and well, no tracks forward and back control so I have to do it on my iPad mini everytime.. So to my opinion...
    AKG K845BT:
    Sound: 8.5/10 (Great performance all round, very balanced sound and great soundstage, good for almost any music genes)
    Comfort: 6.5/10 (light weight, slightly heavier than the BEATS, no headband cushion, good earmuff)
    Build Quality: 7/10 (not as fragile as previous AKG headphones but still doesn't feel very SOLID nor DURABLE, framed with a mix of plastic and metal)
    Overall: 7/10 (should have scored higher if the controls are better)
    Price: US299.95 (to date 2/5/2014 on Amazon)
    Bluedio R+ is as light weight as the BEATS, framed with plastic, doesn't feel very durable. Earmuff is comfortable, could be a little tight for people with bigger heads. Bass is close to what BEATS is offering but not the clearity, the loudest headset I've ever had (like 10-15% louder than BEATS at max volume). Vocals are laid back, mids are sufficient, highs are... forget the highs :) All the controls are there on the earcup but I need to search for them with my finger tips before I can actually press the correct one.
    Bluedio R+:
    Sound: 6/10 (Bassy, average or below average for mids and highs, good for Pop and EDMS only)
    Comfort: 6.5/10 (light weight, could be a little tight for some, average headband cushion and earmuff)
    Build Quality: 6/10 (feels fragile, plastic framed, paint job is ok)
    Overall: 6/10 (average performance but good value for money)
    Price: US92.79 (to date 2/5/2014 on Amazon)
    Bluedio UFO is the heaviest among these 4, almost twice the weight as BEATS. Most parts framed with metals, with some plastics for buttons. Music performance is the exact same as R+, a little more bassy than BEATS, very loud, highs are below average. the newly added 3D DSP mode boarden the soundstage and allow the background comes closer, best for movie and not for music, my best guess is Bluedio is trying to do what Parrot does with their Zik and Zik 2.0 but it's nowhere close to that for music, at least not yet.
    Bluedio UFO:
    Sound: 7/10 (For movie, its pretty good with accurate positioning and explosive sound effect, surrond sound is close to USB Vitrual 7.1)
                6/10 (For music, average performance just as R+)
    Comfort: 6.5/10 (twice the weight of R+ and BEATS, but the cushions and earmuffs are comfy)
    Build Quality: 7/10 (lots of metal part, solid, good finishing, average paint job)
    Overall: 7/10 (As a movie headphone, it's good for value / 6/10 as a music headphone, no improvement at all with R+, heavier but more comfy)
    Price: US199.99 (to date 2/5/2014 on Amazon)
  7. GamerHAHA
    I hope you didnt buy it coz you read my post :frowning2:
    Not sure what really is the problem. maybe it's defected, maybe it's the 3D DSP function turned on, maybe we're expecting different things... but that sounds terrible when you bought something and it turned out disappointing.... I know how that feels..... :frowning2:
    I have the UFO with me and I tried it again after reading your post.... not as terrible to me I think..... must be something wrong with the headphone they sent you I guess? no way to really find out soon.... guess we'll need to have more users to tell us more about how they feel... It's not a very good selling item in my shop neither :frowning2: guess Bluedio will need to work much harder coz that's really an expensive price for a Bluedio :frowning2:
  8. whitegravy
    So got mine today and I'm pissed... Brought them off Amazon the box was not sealed, damaged and the headband was off set so the muffs dropped one side by like 2cm... The sound was really good, bass booming and in a good way.. Watched a little iron man 3 with the 3d mode and it worked a treat.. So I'm sending them back and giving them another chance.. If it sucks again my review will be nasty... 20150502_133123.jpg
  9. NV2U
    I enjoyed your review! However, I'm thinking that this set is not worth the $200 price tag by comparison to it's sibling Bluedio line. Pleather cups. The hinges look like they may be problematic over time...The 3D is only good for movies according to your review. And last but not least, it has the same specs as the R+...I don't think that the 3D is worth spending the extra cash to get that feature. I'm glad that you gave such a thorough review. Have you seen/heard any news on the Victory series yet? The fact that the R+ series didn't have any major improvements over the T2S is why I opted for the T2S. Why spend the extra cash for no marked improvement? Looks like a similar conclusion in this case as well. It comes down to 3D. I don't think that is worth $200 IMHO.Thanks so much for the head's up. I look forward to other reviews of yours in the future.
  10. GamerHAHA
    dammit... i guess it happens with this chinese producer every once in a while.... my regional distributor already filtered out some of the defected products but still i do get some new but damaged/ fixed old products in the stock i ask for from time to time :frowning2:
    And wow! they got a red one??? where you got that? I told them the all black might look a little boring and my distributor said there's only a black one :frowning2:
  11. GamerHAHA
    maybe you are right. just got my hands on a pair of Parrot Zik 2.0, which has this 3D DSP Surround Sound feature in it and it's a very different thing. It's definately something for music and it's something to adjust via my iPad, 4mics (2 active 2 passive) noice cancellation, EQ adjust, it's really good, and of course it's being a fashionable item as well, I got the blue one :D.  its more expensive than the UFO, and ridiculous to even compare with R+, but I do like the Zik 2.0 a lot better :) I guess Bluedio is trying to trade up and do premium headphones, but mmmm..... its still a long way to go...
  12. GamerHAHA
    And well, no news for that Victory headphone yet, dont think it will be made available any time soon coz they just released this UFO? I guess? I'll keep asking my regional distributor and see if there's any update :D
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  13. oddbehreif
    Hello, and thanks for the review mate!

    I wasn't particularly a fan of the R+ built-in EQ because it drowned out the mids and highs and with that, a lot of the detail was lost. I was kind of hoping the UFO would deliver a somewhat flat frequency response. This was easily rectified in R+'s case with Bluedio's USB-SPI adapter, but supposedly the tool can't be used with UFO due to a non-CSR bluetooth chip - am I right?

    Putting that aside, the headset looks really sexy with its matte black finish and metal structure. I'm not sure if I want to fork out an extra $200 just for that and a 3D sound effect though. Even more so if the headset performs similar to a stock R+.

    You mentioned batteries - does the headset operate on its own internal rechargeable battery, or disposable batteries (please tell me it ain't so)?

    About the drivers, I'm confused - Bluedio Global Flagship Store's item description on Aliexpress claims the drivers are different from R+. Tweeters are supposedly 20mm in diameter (as opposed to R+'s 13mm), and the positioning is slightly different. Driver-specific impedances are not mentioned, but the headset's total impedance is 32 ohms. Can you confirm this again?
  14. topbanana469
    good review
    need advice
    when i connect the UFO to my pc it just shows up as stereo ( 2 speakers not 7.1 or 8 ) like i expected
    when i plug in my  Razer Megladon headset 8 speakers show up and you can press test and hear all 8 speakers tested individually
    the UFO says 8 drivers but windows can only see 2 ( stereo ) am i missing something ?
    thanks for any help or advice
    Ewan Burnside
  15. oddbehreif
    Hi topbanana,

    True 7.1 surround is not supported. Even though the headphones do indeed have 8 drivers as part of Bluedio's PPS (physical positioning system), it's only designed to present a larger soundstage (i.e. cause the sound to appear to be all around you and not just inside your head). The audio signal leaves the amp in two channels - left and right - , which is then divided to the drivers (10 kilohertz and up to the tweeters, zero to 10k to the larger woofers). This is a hardware limitation, which means the 3D effect is also just that - a virtual effect. I'm sorry if that's a letdown, but hey, don't know about you but I for one have only two ears so not having 7.1 surround isn't that big of a deal to me :wink: I'm sure these are amazing headphones as is.

    ... at least, this is what I think. Better if you wait for GamerHAHA's reply haha.
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