Beyerdynamic DT 880 with Fiio A5 : Having second thoughts...

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  1. abesh
    Haha, yeah I guess I will have a family of Beyers then :) Money is not a problem but gear acquisition syndrome is real :) I need to justify the use of all the headphones to myself and I bought the DT880, the FiioA5 and the Cayin C5 in the last week :D

    Problem is my wife is a pretty normal spender and that's why it is extremely difficult to guilt trip her :D

    BTW i did quite a few tests with the A5 and C5 with a HD598SE and a B&W P7 along with the DT880. The problem is they both sound different with different genre/kind of music and different headphones. Still got to test them with a DT1350 and ATH-M50X but I am still undecided. Should I keep both? Should I let one go? Decisions decisions...
  2. atarione
    while they never will be bass monsters the DT880's do just sound fantastic with a Tube amp.. at first I was honestly a bit disappointed with my dt880's luckily vintage stereo gear and my DV336 redeemed them in my estimation greatly. Too bad the QC from DV is so poor, or it be super easy to recommend getting on for ur dt880's if you get one that works it is really great with the DT880's
  3. abesh
    I am a klutz and suck at DIY electronics and I guess some amount of knowledge is necessary to get a tube amp. The other caveat is that tube amps are desk bound and the only time I am at a desk is when I game on my laptop. So...

    All in good time I guess..
  4. abesh
    So the Cayin C5 won the duel... The A5 is going back..
  5. uoods
    My nuforce DAC has enough power to drive my 880 250ohms without additional amping, just to throw another perspective in. Some of the others in the Beyer line (770 probably) might be a better fit for you if you want more impactful bass. Welcome to the never ending journey to find your personal favorite. :darthsmile:
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  6. abesh
    Thank you ! This has been an amazing ride till now :)
    Portability is sort of a must for me so I guess I am stuck with pretty limited options :frowning2:
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