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Beyerdynamic DT 880 with Fiio A5 : Having second thoughts...

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  1. abesh
    Another Floydhead! Glad to make your acquaintance sire :)
  2. abesh
    OK the Cayin C5 arrived a little while back. It came charged a little so I turned it on and tested it a bit with my Fiio A5. On listening to a couple of songs the C5 appeared a little lush, airy for the lack of a better word with music, maybe a bit wider soundstage. The vocals sounded a bit different on the C5 too, appearing to be a bit recessed (which I like) more than the A5 where the vocals were much more in your face. Liked the Bass Boost of the C5 a little more than the A5. The C5 also seemed to have a little more power. Tested them both on my Beyerdynamics DT 880 250 ohm headphones.

    Though build quality wise the A5 is miles ahead of the C5. Also reading the forums it seems that there might be quality control & build issues with the C5 and they are not as solidly built (and supported) as the A5. Though they have a US warranty it does seem that it is a pain to get them repaired as you would need to ship them to China which is pretty costly !

    The C5 is charging now and I plan to do a detailed A/B testing with my other two headphones : Beyernamics DT1350 and Audio Technica ATH-M50X.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  3. buke9
    If you like it that’s all that matters. They both have the same power at 32 ohms and Cayin doesn’t give the power at 300 ohms as the A5 is 150 mw so it could have a bit higher output impedance but they don’t give that either but I’d say it probably is about the same. I haven’t heard any of the Cayin portable stuff but did hear the HA-1A MK2 tube headphone amp and it was really nice. So good luck with the adventure.
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  4. abesh
    Thank you ! I have understood one thing from my journey though, it is all subjective and based on personal preference. I am still undecided and want to keep both but that might be unnecessary :frowning2: However meeting up with a friend tonight to test out both the amps with our collection of headphones. Should be fun :)
  5. buke9
    That is the best way to go trying them out with different headphones and another set of ears don’t hurt either. It is all very subjective as we hear differently and like things differently. Reviews and impressions can only get you in the ballpark of a particular sound signature it’s up to you to decide what you like.
  6. abesh
    You guys obviously helped ! Have found very few audiophile communities as welcoming as Head-Fi. I am currently suspended on /r/headphones on reddit for 7 days because apparently I messaged the mods too much because I did not understand their rules :frowning2:
  7. buke9
    Totally agree and I would look for a meet in your area also and meet some of the fellow Head-Fi’ers they are just as welcoming in person as I’ve been to 10 meets and 2 CanJams all have been great people.
  8. abesh
    Yeah I was thinking along similar lines :) I checked the forum and there seems to be none planned in Austin, TX (that's where I stay). Maybe once the holidays are over I'll try and organize one myself with a little bit of help.
  9. buke9
    It is a good time and you get to hear a lot of gear that you otherwise don’t have the chance to. I’m just outside of Louisville and there is no good place to hear headphones only the Best Buy with a Magnolia has anything decent and very little at that. Most of my buying decisions have been at meets and hearing for myself.
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  10. abesh
    Well I hate returning stuff after trying them out so I tried the Best Buy and Fry's near me. While the Best Buy was strictly OK (did not have a wide selection of cans) most of the demo cans in Frys didn't even work so the only way to try out is to either buy or return or have audiophile friends which is limited :frowning2:
  11. atarione
    in the past guitar center has let me demo headphones (their selection in store is pretty limited.

    in my case I have the DT880 250ohms and the DT770 Pro 80's (well and other headphones) but the beyers I use most of the time at home. The DT770's are for when I want more bass / fun headphones. I really like both of these headphones w/ my DV 336 tube amp (which is still hard to recommend because of QC issue with mine that I had to open it up and solder stuff to fix), but now that the DV is working right after repairing it I quite like it.
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  12. abesh
    Yeah I got my ATH-M50X from Guitar Center :) They are pretty good about letting people demo stuff, I am in a band so go there pretty often to try and buy stuff :)
    I have always wanted to own a DT770 80 ohm (Pros), wanted to own a set like forever ! But I have 3 headphones now and 2 amps and 2 cmoys and my wife already tells me I have more than enough :D
  13. buke9
    My wife’s always asks me how many heads do you have. She doesn’t much care for headphones.
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  14. abesh
    Haha, well she has a point :)
  15. atarione
    believe me I understand... my wife counted my headphones and was unpleased to find I have more than 1 for everyday of the week.... however she has 100s of pairs of shoes (many of which cost more than my most expensive headphones).... so i suggested we agree that my 9~ish pairs of headphones was fine.

    depending on what money is like in ur household I suggest just buying the DT770's and telling her later :smile_phones::smile_phones: I mean don't if it means you'll go hungry or something.. but YOLO buy em and deal with the wife later.

    also the DT770's are like if the M50X's where better in every way (except portability).. similar sound sig but better, better bass,mids and highs more comfortable.

    oh yeah my DT770's and my M50X's are from GC also (got amazon price matches :))
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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