Better earphones than re-400 with a budget of 100$?
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Jul 4, 2012
For iphone 5 , electronic and rock.
I already have the Shure se215 , so I'm looking for someone of that level.
I'm not using the se215 because they're over-ear and I need in-ear.
also,sound isolating is important.
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Donscorpio dolphin (bright headphone with sub bass emphasis)
The asian headphone thread mentions a soundstage mod in the pictures.
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There also the etymotic hf5 (completely neutral). It is better than everything on this thread in clarity but the neutrality will probably throw you off with electronic music. The eph100 seems to be more fun when compared to the re400 reviews. The re400 has a bit of a sub bass roll off as well according to the reviews
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Those are the best options for 100$ range?

Another option might be the ostry kc06 and v sonic gr07
Im pretty sure these are the best in the price range.
Considering the genres you listen to, i would go for:
Yamaha eph100 (the most fun)
Rha ma750(not completely neutral)
Im not completely sure on how they all compare because i havent heard these myself but all of these get a lot of praise from head fi.

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