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Best Value Tube Amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by potatoe94, Apr 16, 2014.
  1. potatoe94
    Hello , i wish to invest in a tube amp which is has excellent value for performance , tubes have to be rollable , as i am using a Beyer T90 , my iFi iCAN Nano amp starts to sound alittle piercing on some music . Hence , i would like to have some suggestions regarding this , and hopefully people with the same headphone :)

    Im living in Singapore , and simply put it , everything is expensive here , so im looking for something that is about US$200 .

    Appreciated , & thank you all in advance !

  2. pulchritudejim
    You can't go wrong with Little Dot amps. I have the MKII and its fantastic. All little dots have great tube roll ability. 
  3. Spareribs
    I'm a fan of the Little Dot amps. I used to play them in my house with a cheap but good set of plastic headphones and it was so much fun! Yeah, you can upgrade to better gear but with some budget headphones, the Little Dot will  still sound nice.
    Another route that I recommend is DIY. It can be incredibly rewarding and lots of fun. 
  4. kvik
    There is a nice tube thread here, showing available tube amps across the entire spectrum. Perhaps not a lot of candidates around the $200-mark, but you wouldn't have to increase the budget a lot to have a bit more to choose from.
  5. potatoe94
    Its alright , i got the iFi iTube , with the iFi iCAN Nano & iFi iDSD

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