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Best Open Headphones for Gaming? $300-$500

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by Megazine, Dec 30, 2017.
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  1. ZzBOG
    Which of these headphones would be a definite upgrade from Q701?
  2. mbyrnes
    What are you looking for? M1060 is a personal favorite of mine. I really prefer planars for gaming/movies. I have much better headphones, but I really love the M1060.
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  3. ZzBOG
    @mbyrnes - more bass and same or bigger soundstage & detail I guess

    How does M1060 work in that regard? M1060 vs HD6xx vs k702? what would you say?
  4. Fotopaul
    Philips X2HR can usually be had for quite cheap and for gaming they are very good, nice wide soundstage and enough details in the highs and mids along with the immersive base.

    I'm however curious to test the Sennheiser HD700, anyone having experienced how they compare for gaming and also general use?

    Much appreciated!
  5. noclevername
    Ran both the 400i and 990's for gaming. Only have the 990's any more, but definitely enjoyed both for gaming. Makes me miss the 400i's
  6. GenEricOne
    I ended up picking up the HD700 I mentioned in that post. They're really incredible for games. I dislike them musically (extremely mismatched for my preferences), but adore them for games.

    I've tried getting into the Audeze Mobius and I can't say I prefer anything about the Mobius over the HD700 except the slick microphone physical integration. HE400i are probably still my current backup gaming headphones over the Mobius.
  7. joeydgraffix
    I use my Fidelio x2/27s with my ps4 and love them. I also just got a XDUOO XD-05 amp to use when I want some extra bass or a kick up in sound. The amp is nice since I dont move around but can get fatiguing for long sessions.

    I also like the x27s cause they are light so they don't bother me if I do long periods of play, sound is great, maybe the volume could be a tidbit more at times but overall I love it.. I used to have gamer headphones back in they day and they always broke no matter what they cost..
  8. 500178
    If you are a competitive gamer, then you might indeed like a planar due to the surface area.
  9. jksoon
    Got the Philips X2 specifically for gaming (and movies). I tried some of my other ones, but the X2 are hard to beat.
  10. illram
    Don't think it's still active but if MD ever drops the ESP95X again for $499, they are endgame cans. Amazing detail and imaging for games. Very neutral though, so not for bassheads.
  11. javamalava
    For that money, I'd honestly recommend the Sennheiser HD 6XX from massdrop. It's a safe bet that most will agree on.
  12. Megazine
    Just an update since I started this thread. I ended up falling down the rabbit hole. I ended up buying the HD6xx, 58x, 7xx, LCD-2c, HD598, 4XX, TR-X00. I have to say the best cans for gaming out of those are the 7XX. Has wide soundstage and great sound for the price. For more intimate games, I prefer the 58X like for God Of War and Persona 5. I recommend the 7XX since it also comes with a very long cord.
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  13. WhiteHartMart
    Totally agree with you regarding the 58x. I have them and for those type of games they are superb. I found them lacking for fps though - Battlefield 5 in particular just didn't sound expansive enough. For Battlefield I even prefer my Phillips SHP9500. Using Wireless Modmic with both too :)
  14. halcyon
    Heh, I feel you.

    I'm currently down to TH-X00, Audeze Moebius, Kannons and have sold tons of headphones already, and am now contemplating an upgrade, but need closed headphones and don't want to pay 2400€ for HD820.
  15. jksoon
    I second cheungbe recommending the X2's.

    To add to my previous reply...

    I've tried a few higher end headphones (including my Audeze LCD2, Audioquest Nightowl Carbon, HE-400i, HD600 etc) for gaming and movies but I keep going back to my Philips Fidelio X2 for this application. Good bass, wide soundstage, detailed and comfortable. I prefer my other cans for audio, but I much prefer the X2's for games and movies. You can probably score a used pair on the bay for a decent price. I have the early Woox version (pre-Gibson buyout) and they have been pretty solid.

    I also tried the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro but found that they bottom out / distort on the bass at higher volumes -those unexpected sudden high volume explosions when watching movies. Nicely built headphones though and a lot of people love them. A bit too V-shaped sound for my taste. DT880 Premium are more neutral but in my case the 80 ohm version was a bit sibilant and thus sold a while back. Did not try the 250 or 600 ohm versions which are supposed to be better sounding. I will probably buy the DT990 Pro's at some time since they seem to be the more neutral ones. The Senn HD600 were nicely detailed on games and movies, but I would go for the HD650 due to more bass presence.

    Hope this helps.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
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