Best MP3 Player with Replaceable Battery?
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Sep 8, 2007
Hi guys,
So could you recommend me some portable MP3 players with user-replaceable batteries?
So far the Sansa E280 seems probably top of the list, but wondered whether there are many others that i havnt heard about before?
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How about the award-winning Sony NW-HD5, the batteries are replaceable and they last up to 40 hours on a single charge.
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If there was some way to hack the HD5 to make it a UMS device...

Also, the directional-pad buttons need to be four separate buttons, not four buttons conjoined by tiny slivers of plastic and metal that crack easily.

Most DAPs don't have batteries that are easily removable, but most have batteries that can be removed without too much trouble as long as you are careful.
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The original NW-HD1 also has a replaceable battery; you have to open the device up, but it is intended to be openable (held together by screws, not tabs or glue). The service manual (downloadable online at ATRACLife) has instructions on how to do it.

However, I wouldn't suggest a SonicStage-dependent device on anyone that didn't already run it.
Too bad, 'cause it's a great device. If you have an HD1 with a firmware update, it adds MP3 capability so you're not limited to ATRAC.
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How about an iPod...

I just switched out my battery yesterday.

Mind you I'm past my warranty.
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Zunes are really neat. But don't forget, they're not UMS.
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Another thing, i have a zen vision w but i was looking at something else. I was thinking of getting a refurbed Achos 604 wifi but looking at your sig, you dont think much of the 604. Shall i stay away from them?
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UMS (USB Mass Storage) is basically a player capability where you can drag and drop files in, instead of requiring software to do anything. Players such as iPods and the Zune are not UMS, so you would have to transfer music and whatnot via software (Think USB flash drives). The 604 is alright, but I really hate the fact that you have to pay for codec support. The battery life isn't too great on it, and all accessories you have to pay. If you take that out of consideration, the Archos line is pretty good, although you should try to get a 5 series player from Archos.
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I thought the Zune 80 had its own software but with the zune 30 you could drag and drop and use any software to transfer?
If i am correct i would rather buy the 30gb although the zune 80 is better for SQ and other things
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All the Zunes require the Zune software to sync, and the 30gb model has preset EQ settings, though the 80 is much better sounding. On the whole the Zune 80 (and the flash Zunes also) is the better deal cause you can sync H.264 podcasts and vids w/no conversion. The 30 requires conversion that takes HELLA" long time. The hardware cant handle the codec. As for UMS - not on any of the Zunes - and the hack was for the 30 w/the older fw and software. No longer viable - no matter what most may claim.

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