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Best Looking Speakers?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shaunybaby, May 15, 2012.
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  1. gazar
    Living voice vox  olympian, something tells you they will sound excellent.
  2. milezone
    And here they are for sale...
  3. daveDerek Contributor
    wow! those are expensive and quite fugly!
  4. milezone
    Yep and yep. Oddly there are few other speakers/brands I'd rather have in my living room.
  5. DaveBSC
    30 grand for speakers that look like they were made in somebody's basement. Just stunning. As good as they may have been in the '40s, I think loudspeaker technology has moved on just a tad. I'll put my $30K towards these instead.
  6. obobskivich

    +1. The only better wood finishes I've seen are on statement furniture and artwork (so we're talking about JUST WOOD that costs more than those speakers). They also *sound* fantastic, which completes the entire package. Sitting next to 802Ds or other equally expensive stuff, they just look awkwardly out of place. Like a Rolls-Royce at a Toyota dealership.

    Has anyone here heard the Living Voice speakers? They look neat, but I've never seen them outside of Living Voice's promotional literature.


    Are those the Sony speakers that are held together by nothing but compression?
  7. Loevhagen
    The Dynaudio Confidence C1 are the best playing and best looking speakers I have ever had.
  8. DaveBSC
    No, they are Rockport's new Avior. $30K, 220lbs. The front baffle is 6" thick.
  9. tintin40
    Agree. Apogee The best in every way
  10. tintin40
    or fancy an invisible speaker?  Dartzeel.jpg
  11. daveDerek Contributor
    did you ever actually hear them?
  12. tintin40
    Diva's looking good DXT-17by6wAPOGEEDEFINITIVEP1010236.jpg
  13. wuwhere Contributor
    Klipsch Palladium
  14. Sahara
    The new model from Sonus Faber -Evolution- is very beautiful.
  15. Scottsmrnyc Contributor
    I like the MBLs.  They are so radically different than the box looking speakers.  I have had an opportunity to see and hear many of the MBL models except for The Extremes.  They look really cool and give off a surrounding style sound. 
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