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Best Looking Speakers?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shaunybaby, May 15, 2012.
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  1. HelloHell
  2. Lorspeaker
    thats a fridge...just right for a hifi chef's kitchen. lol
  3. wuwhere Contributor
    For the price they might as well throw in a free fridge. [​IMG]
  4. angevoi
    That's the only one i haven't heard from the three. I'm using a Focal XS, my most beloved speaker ever.
  5. vormhat
    I'd like to nominate my own Onix Strata Minis !  (note this is a stock photo)
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  6. wuwhere Contributor
    Nakamichi Dragons
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  7. HelloHell
    How is it possible that a thread about loudspeaker's design lacks mentioning of Bang & Olufsen?
  8. jaycalgary
    Ya I was thinking Bang & Olufsen too. Some front loaded horns look fantastic too.
  9. Chewie
    Its easy to confuse the industrial design of the KEF Blade as oversized speakers for the Apple Mac generation.  There is more to their appearance than pandering to current design trends.  The bass drivers are raised up to to surround the latest iteration of KEF's Uni-Q driver, which is a long standing KEF technology that combines midrange and tweeter into a single drive unit.  The combination of these elements create what KEF marketing calls a 'single point source of sound' as opposed to air being shifted from a number of drive units spanning the cabinet which create multiple points.  The cabinet design is part aesthetic, inspired by Brancusi's 'Bird in Space' sculpture but is also functional in minimising vibration and colouration, as well allowing air to flow effectively out of the cabinet due to the drive units raised positioning.  I only know this amount of detail because I was fortunate enough to have an extended road test of a pair earlier this year and I have to say they really are an exceptional pair of speakers.
  10. GardenVariety
    Call me crazy but I love me some plain ol' Martin Logan speakers.  summitx.jpg
  11. glowaudio
    One of the first speakers I owned that looked great with the grills removed.
  12. wuwhere Contributor
    I really like these WATT/Puppies.
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  13. abagun
    esetelon xb
  14. jibzilla
    I will be the proud owner of these pretty soon. a.jpg
    b.jpg Pretty cool looking if I may toot my own horn.
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