best interconnect for the bang? (better than bluejean)
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For one cable (pr), $300 + $100 for a toslink cable on the home unit & $100 on an ipod dock. Throughout the 7.1 HT, I don't want to think about it.
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If I recable my Denon with APS V3 and I decide to use the Pico as a preamp shall I use APS mini to RCA interconnect cables or some other?

Also my problem is that at first I may just use it with the Pico so I also don't know if the headphone cable should be terminated with a 1/4 or a 1/8 jack. Fortunately I have plenty of time to think about it (terrible exchange rate at the moment) but replies are welcome
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I wonder how the anti-cable beat the 99.9% solid silver 19 guage IC. That is IF the cable is for sure 99.9% silver as Idahan on audiogon claims.

quick quote from Paul Speltz about the benefits of his "Anti" products that simply use air as the best dielectric instead of plastic:

"Jitter distortion (in digital audio), and Dielectric Effect distortion (in cables) are both time based distortions. Both tend to smear the time domain of the music signal. When a transient music event gets time smeared, it loses amplitude energy, in exchange for lasting longer in time. Think back to your Calculus classes where the energy under two curves are equal, but one is taller and faster, and the other is not as tall, but lasts longer. When the time smearing distortion is removed the music sounds clearer and dynamically louder."
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what's the most you all have spent on cables

About $600, for the RSAD Poiema!!! Signature XLR cable... Stunning cable!
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Hey everybody,
I'm using an E-mu 0202 DAC with a KICAS Caliente amp. The E-mu has 1/4" TS outputs, and the KICAS Caliente has RCA inputs. Can anyone recommend high quality cable manufacturers that offer those specific cables?

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