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Best in-ear phones?

  1. ickayR
    What are the best in-ear phones I could get that cost between $80-120? I'm mainly going to be using it on my iPod to listen to music. I need good noise isolating phones because I have a 1hour bus ride to school & I can barely listen to my music on max sound. Any suggestions?
  2. musiclee
    I would think the new shure se215
    People say they sound good. $99

    Others like klipsch S4's. $79

    But everyone has different likes and opinions of good sound
  3. ickayR
    I suck at judging good phones from bad ones,what are the main differences between 'em? Pro's & cons?
  4. ickayR
    Are those the best ones?
  5. kmhaynes
    "Best" is only what you think sounds good to you.  There are lots of different phones out there -- bass-y, balanced, muddy, clear, treble-y, etc.
    You probably should read |joker|'s big 158 IEMs compared thread.  IEMs are grouped by price range, so you can look in your range and read descriptions of the sound and quality of many phones.
  6. swbf2cheater
    ^ I disagree with that, the best of anything is most likely going to be super expensive.  :p
    but ya, check out jokers topic for the best bang for your buck sets
  7. kmhaynes


    I said that because he qualified his "best" as needing to be in the $80-120 range.
  8. swbf2cheater

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