Best IEM for small ears?
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Unfortunately, your upper budget cap on the price range puts this out-and-over, but the Klipsch Image X10 would have been perfect for your needs. They are one of the smallest IEMs around, sound really good, and come with 5 different sets of eartips so you can 'set' the sound signature and amount of isolation you would actually like.

My wife could not agree more. She has very small ears and says those are the only ones that fit her well, so well she frequently falls asleep with them on.
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that's making the x10 really tempting

I think I want to try a couple less expensive ones first and see if I can be satisfied, if not, I can always step up to the klipsch. Ideally Id like to get a pair of IEMs and a pair of full sized headphones so I dont want to spend all my funds on one thing, kwim

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