Best IEM for small ears?
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May 26, 2009
I need to get some new IEM to use with my Nano..... and I also need something to use with my iPhone (can be 1 or 2 pairs)

I currently have a pair of Etymotic E6s (not E6i) and the tip feels too big in my ear. I need to find something that would work better for smaller ears.

I don't need great sound isolation because I need to be able to hear my kids, and I'd like to keep the price around $100 or less (per IEM). Listen mainly to rock, pop, some hip hop....but dont need super strong bass.

Any suggestions on what would work well?

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Unfortunately, your upper budget cap on the price range puts this out-and-over, but the Klipsch Image X10 would have been perfect for your needs. They are one of the smallest IEMs around, sound really good, and come with 5 different sets of eartips so you can 'set' the sound signature and amount of isolation you would actually like.
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Have you tried the baby blue tips? (Do those work on the ER6s?)

Edit: If you can't get baby blues for ER6, maybe buy a pair of baby blue ER20 earplugs (~$20), and if those are good, buy a pair of ER-6i, which do come with baby blues.
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will check them out...thanks
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Im leaning towards the q-jays or ety hf5.....but also considering :

--phonak audeo pfe
--westone um1 (wondering if these will be too warm for me)
--klipsch image s4 (can't find in stock anywhere)

Any advice on where to get the q-jays that has a good return policy? They are OOS on Amazon. I'd like to order 2 pairs of iems and compare, then send back the one I don't like
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Why don't you just try some Klispch small ear gel tips, single or dual flange?
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well, I just ordered the hf5 on amazon....figure they are worth trying for that price. Now I'd like to find something in the same price range ($50-100) that would be a warmer sound. Then I can compare and see what my preference would be (I can return the unwanted pair or give to one of my kids who are all using the crappy apple ear buds)

out of these, what would be an equal quality to the hf5 , but warmer? (must work for small ears too):

nuforce ne7m, head direct re2, phonak pfe, westone um1 ? I think the jays q-jay may too similar to the ety, correct?

I really appreciate all the help...thanks!!

westone um1

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