What is the best closed back headphone under $350 that has the best soundstage and treble and the best open back under $350?
  2. biggbenn74
    The Audio-Technica AD900's were a favorite of mine for those 2 reasons. Great treble extension that was not harsh and incredible soundstage, a good improvement over the AD700's (which are also commonly praised for their soundstage)

    If you can find a good pair, they typically run $200-$250 USD shipped.
  3. Monsterzero
    DT990 or a used pair of the T1.1 have wide soundstage and detail...i find them bright,but others do not.
  4. MTMECraig
    if you're capable of finding a used T1.1 for that price that would be a good idea. Its semi open though so I would say it would fit the closed back portion?

    A used hd700 for the open back would be hard to beat. People talk about the peakiness it has but other then that it would fit the bill
  5. cossix
    Used HD700 is one of the best options around. May have to EQ the treble; it sounds like a hollow tin can to me
  6. trellus
    I can also vouch for the HD 700, which you can often find used for $350 or less.

    I was just listening to them a few hours ago with this track on Spotify (you might be able to find it on YouTube, not sure) precisely because they have gotten so little head time with me overall (only because they have chiefly been used on loan to a friend since I got them) and I was reminded that they are likely my best open back headphones... the sound stage, the imaging, the treble, the clean bass, on this track, was just giving me eargasms:

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  7. koover
    Meze 99 classic
    Pretty good isolation. If you like good sub bass with a nice mid bass bump that doesn't bleed into the mids or treble (to my ears and many others at least) and just enough top end to keep you smiling, I cannot recommend these enough for a nice HP under $350.
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  8. ahmadfaizadnan
    A used HD700 is a good choice.

    Editted: since @PurpleAngel mentioned it, T90 it's actually amazing and I even bought mine for less than $300 new.
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  9. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Used Beyerdynamic T90.
    What sources are you plugging the headphones into?
  10. addylo
    I second the Meze 99 Classic. Great closed cans with good isolation and wide soundstage.
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  11. Oscar-HiFi
    Beyerdynamic T90 used, or DT990 600ohm new :D
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