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Best for bass in or on ears under 50

  1. Shawn8864
    I've been wanting a new pair of headphones for a while. I've been using the ipod buds and i think that i need something good again. I previously had the cx500s, and i really liked them. They broke after two months of careful use, and sennheiser would not honor the warranty. What i'm looking for now is a headphone under $50, in or on ear, that has very good bass and overall sound quality. I listen to metalcore/ "screamo" music, but i really like bass. i liked it so much i got a pair of skullcandy skullcrushers for subwoofers (those were horrible, but i got someone to buy them for the same price i bought them for [​IMG]). i've been looking a lot at the sennheiser hd 428. i found them on amazon for $50 new or $40 refurbished. As i said i would not mind on ears (as long as theyre not super ugly) but i want them to be circumnaural. Thanks for any suggestions :)

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