Best female vocal music?
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Aug 21, 2002
I'm looking for some female vocal music to try with my system. I know I hear stuff like it all the time in audio shops, it's rather slow with a bit of instruments in the background, almost hypnotic. The closest thing I've found so far is Portishead which I already own, their singer is Beth Gibbons. She also has a solo album, both are good.

Any recommendations?
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A couple that are very well recorded and are often used to demonstrate systems:

Jennifer Warnes -- "Famous Blue Raincoat" and "The Hunter"
Holly Cole -- "Temptation"
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Jennifer Warnes -- "Famous Blue Raincoat"

Yes! Yes!

That was to demo disc when I was auditioning Thiel. God, that's a good sounding recording.
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You might also want to try these albums...which lean to the "electronica" side of things.

hooverphonic - a new stereophonic sound spectacular
morcheeba - big calm
mandalay - solace
les nubians - princesses nubiennes
supreme beings of leisure - supreme beings of leisure
mono - formica blues
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Another that comes to mind is Judy Collins. She has a wealth of recordings.
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Diamanda Galas
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The Gathering (there's something about metal with femme vox)

Loreena McKennitt
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Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain. This is definitely hypnotic, what a voice!
The Gentle Waves - Green Fields of Foreverland, Swansong for You
Twin Peaks soundtrack
Kathryn Williams - Old Low Light
I second Jewel! Her first two albums are fantastic

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Slow and hypnotic with female vocals:

Enya - She's pretty much the queen of slow, hypnotic female vocal songs. Very dreamlike flavor.

Alpha - Very slow and hypnotic triphop with 2 female vocalists and 1 male. A dreamier, jazzier Portishead.

Massive Attack - Each album has 3-4 tracks with female vocals. Also slow and hypnotic triphop.

Of course there is a whole slew of Jazz and Pop female vocalists to choose from also. Don't know if that is what you're after. I like Ella the best. Some more modern Jazz vocalists that I've sampled and thought were ok: Tierney Sutton, Jane Monheit, Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Cassandra Wilson. None as good as Ella, but decent enough to try.

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