Best Exercise headphones?
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When I exercised at the gym I always used IEMs b/c it was way too loud to enjoy my music w/out the isolation. I never felt unsafe b/c of the isolation - I just watched around me & if I needed to I'd pull them out a bit just to break the seal w/one ear so that I could hear a little bit around me. But most of the time I enjoyed the isolation especially doing cardio. Now I exercise at home so I watch tv & read from my kindle (amazon e-reader) more often than listening to music.
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I have the AS20J's and the ear shaped loops means the fit is extremely comfortable-a better design than MDR-J10/J011/12.
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I use the KSC-75 as they're cheap and allow me to hear outside noise when I'm out running (handy when there's cars about).

x2. Why not start here, since they're so cheap?
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