Best Exercise headphones?
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May 22, 2008
I am looking the best inexpensive headphones I can get for working out. I dont want earbuds, because they fall out. I have heard good things about the koss portapro. Thats what I'm currently looking at. If it has pads, The pads on the new phones have to be easy to replace, because they will get really sweaty, and fall apart. the phone has to be cheap enough so that when I ruin it from all the sweat, I can replace it without feeling too angry. I'll be using an Ipod Touch.
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try some waterproof ones?

Sound quality is the last thing on my mind when im at the gym, its just sound I want while i concentrate on what im doing, although I accept cardio may cause you to focus more intently on the music.

other than that your probably as well with the koss maybe the kc(3 or 2)75 or whatever model people rave about here for such a low price phone.
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I might get flamed for this, but if you are running, and using a simple ipod set up, you don't really need great sound quality. I go running every day and because of all the noise (cars, animals, your breathing) plus the fact that you are under duress, the SQ really isn't all that important. Remember, you definitely do not want anything that isolates sound, as it would be dangerous. IEMs are out.
I use philips sbc hs430
They are a clip behind the ear model- might not be the best for running, as they have foam pads and they get sweaty. I've used them for multiple years though, and they don't smell or anything- they are very comfortable, light, cheap, everything that I needed for running.

You might want to look at something that doesn't have foam pads, but mine are fine for now. I find the headstrap on most cheapies to be uncomfortable and they sometimes fall off when running, so my ear clip ones work really well.
My 2 cents again, but I really like what I did,and they could not cost more than 10 or 20 bucks.
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Usually iBuds are fine for me in the gym, but occasionally I take backband phones like my Senn PMX60s (aka Creative HQ-140). They don't sound great, but they're light, durable, and they'll stay put on your head.
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Screw that garbage. I can tell you when working out or being active, SQ is important to me. If the bass is lacking, or flabby, it irritates me. I was pissed when I had dece buds and had to use garbage ones. And this is when biking like:



I use Koss KSC75's. I make them so they fit TIGHTLY on my ears (unlike when using them for whatever else, they more or less just sit on the ear). The foam pads are cheap, you get the lifetime replacement from koss, so these are the OBVIOUS best choice since they also don't isolate if you're that worried about it. FWIW, I used to use UM2s for biking and running. Marshmallows are another good option, but they isolate.
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I am absolutely interested in getting the best sound quality possible. Thats why I'm here! I actually hate exercising, so I need something to entertain me. I really only do it for the health benefits, and stress relief. I do most of my cardio on an eliptical, so I dont need to worry too much about the phones falling off. I have never heard of a waterproof headphone. I'm interested in that. I have also heard some recommendations for the Marshmallows. any more suggestions?
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Try to avoid earphones or headphones with sponges coz likely your perspiration will "eat" it up. SONY just launched some good Sports earphones which had very good grip. Most of the models that I tried was pretty good.
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I had those S2 Sony headphones I used to use a lot.

It worked well in the treadmill and when I go out and run a few miles with my buddies.
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Had the Marshmallow, bloated and far too much bass.

For a little bit more, JVC FX66 Air Cushions, very comfortable, and snug fit. Cheap too and sound quality is quite good, especially for working out.
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KSC75's. I need to grab a pair since I'm apparently riding my bike again.

Currently using some crazy behind-the-ear Sony's that have virtually no clamp, which is a bit of a problem.
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Wow. I'm shocked that nobody mentioned the Porta Pro, which have been made by KOSS since the 80's and sound amazing with a SPL loud enough for an MP3 to drive them properly, even in traffic. A little bulky because of the older design,(they go over the head and on the ears, but not around the ears), it's light and comfortable. If you like ear buds style, you will find these a bit large, but since I hate ear buds, these are great.

Also, although discontinued and harder to find is the KOSS KSC35, which although similiar to the KSC75's are more comfortable and sound much better. They clip on the ear with no headband.

I have run half marathons and had long training runs with them and won't go out without them. For the longer runs, I prefer the 35's as they are lighter, but I have used both and think there is nothing better.

Both have user replaceable pads.

Also, there is an ad for the Porta Pros in this thread and the prices are right. I just ordered a pair last month to replace an older pair.

Hope this helps.


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