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Best chifi Campfire andromeda imitation

  1. pufftissue
    Hi, just hoping to know what the community has settled on as the best chifi IEM like the andromeda when you don’t have $1000 to spend.
  2. baskingshark
    I haven't heard the Andromeda but some folks in the audiosense dedicated thread say the audiosense T800 can hit 80 - 90% sound quality of the Andromeda. Costs $298 usd but maybe u can read more about it.

    The best IEM (though it's chinese) i have heard is the QDC Anole VX but that's > $2K USD.
  3. davidcotton
    Might be worth keeping an eye out for black friday deals? Alowarehouse might be worth keeping an eye on as well (part of campfire as well).
  4. kdphan
    Audiosense T800 - $298
    S8Pro - $489
    Moondrop A8 - $669

    There are a few others in the $400-$500 price range that really good.

    You can get all of these used for cheaper.
  5. warriorpoet
    Do you want the same frequency response as the Andromeda, or just a very high quality IEM for less?
  6. lazner
    Audiosense T800 is much closer soundwise to Andromeda Gold rather than the original Andromeda.
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  7. pufftissue
    I would like as close to the andromeda sound signature as possible for the least price (like basically everyone). I assume that chifi is the way to go here, with someone figuring out which company uses the same drivers, etc.
  8. warriorpoet
    There are a couple of major factors here to consider. First, the Andro is an open chamber design, which is pretty unusual in ChiFi, so unusual I can't think of a single example. Same with the crossover network- to my knowledge the Andro doesn't use crossovers.

    All that said, you might get something with a similar FR, but it likely won't sound at all like the Andro.

    Same drivers? Well, ironically, most higher end ChiFi use better drivers- Campfire is known to use Belsing drivers, Knowles knockoffs.
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  9. pufftissue
    Ok so would I be correct in assuming there is nothing else on the chifi market that sounds like the andromeda but the andromeda because of its fundamental design. Closest being the audiosense t800? The reason I asked the question is because the andromeda is the best I have ever heard, like ever and I can’t imagine needing anything more than that.
  10. davidcotton
    Then instead of chasing the rainbow, perhaps save your hard earned and buy what you really want when you can comfortably afford it instead of the next best thing? Could be more satisfying that way anyway. As said before black friday is coming up so no idea what offers Campfire will do (or for that matter alowarehouse deals which is part of the campfire brand). That or keep an eye on the fs boards here if you don't mind second hand.
  11. arftech
    If you want the Andromeda sound buy the real thing and just find one used. Used pricing can be very aggressive.
  12. pufftissue
    Is it even possible to want something else after hearing the andromeda? Do people ever sidegrade from the andromeda, and if so which IEM?
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019 at 10:22 AM
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  13. arftech
    For me it wasn’t other than a little more bass. The Andromedas are magical!
  14. warriorpoet
    I mean, there are all sorts of reasons to prefer something else. No one IEM is perfect; rather, the question is which fits your needs best.
  15. lazner
    After hearing the awesome Andromeda, I also wanted a bit more bass. Campfire's answer is the Andromeda Gold, which is currently out of stock. T800 is pretty close to it tuning-wise. Andromeda Gold still has a tad more detail everywhere.
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