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Best bass earbuds between around £150 (Noob)

  1. chris2oo5
    Looking for help....
    I had a HTC Senation XL beats Audio phone and i was really impressed with "monster urbeats" the bass was brilliant never herd anything like them,... Ive changed phones to a Samsung Galaxy s3 and listen to my ipod nano more but the beats headphones are crap!! There is no bass you can not use the controls on them to change tracks etc so im looking for a change..
    Looking on the net at reviews and the 1s that stand out are:
    Monster Turbine
    klipsch s4
    Despite this people say if i want bass i need to be looking at the moster or beats.. would really like some help..
    They type of music i am listening to is Dnb,Dubstep and house and really want to here the bass

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