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Sep 29, 2009
Hello everyone, first post here although I've been lurking for a month or two at this point. I spend probably 12+ hours a day on a computer between work and home, and for the most part was using crappy headphones at both until about a year ago when I started looking into a better and more comfortable setup for myself. I purchased a Creative X-Fi Platinum for my computer, and after doing some research I purchased Audio-Technica ATH-AD700s. I'd have to say that these were some of the best investments I've made to my computer. I now use my AD700s for most of each day, as I use them at home on my computer, when I'm on the go with my iPod going to class and work, and at work with my computer there. So now it's been about 10 months since I made the first jump, and I started getting itchy for something more.
I purchased a Zero DAC/Amp combo, and it's on the way. My thoughts are that I will use this, and soon upgrade the OPAMP in the DAC to an HDAM from Audio-dg (Probably the OPA-Earth model). I then was hoping to possibly get a new pair of headphones. After looking around at reviews and comparisons on these boards, I think I kind of have my heart set on a pair of AKG K701s. The plan was to then purchase a stand alone Amp for the K701s and continue using the Zero as just a DAC.
So my questions are kind of like this: If I get the K701s before a stand alone Amp, will the Zero be enough to drive them decently and not make me regret my choice there? Will the Zero be a good enough DAC for me for the time being after I get an Amp? What Amp would people recommend for the K701s on a budget?
Ideally I will then continue using my AD700s on the go and at work, and keep my home rig setup with the Amped K701s all the time.
I'm in college and live on my own, so money is a little tight for me, and so I'm looking to keep things on the fairly cheaper side for a few years yet until I can get a real job and start the real fun. I'm thinking of maybe a budget in the range of $250 for the amp after a similar price on the K701s.
Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
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I would have to say the EF-2 sounds like it fits your needs all around. Its well within your budget, It should have plenty of power for the 701s, and has a built in USB DAC for you computer. If I were starting all over and in your position, the EF-2 would most likely by at the top of my list, maybe even the 701s as well. Check out HeadphoneAddicts review on this same forum.

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Hey again,
Thanks for the input you two, and I'm definitely looking into the EF1. Probably a really dumb question on this, but what amp would I want, the 110V or 220V? I really don't even know what the difference would be, but I live in the USA if that is part of the picture. I was also browsing around at looking at the EF1 and 2, and saw that they also sell the Darkvoice 336classic for $60 less than the EF1. Would the 336classic be a suitable alternative to the EF1, just given that it's a little closer to my ideal budget limit.
And which Amp sounds better with the K701s, if anyone knows.
Thanks again,
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The voltage choice is for what country you live in. Since you're in the US, you'll want the 120V system. Otherwise, you'd need to buy a step-down transformer to run it.

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