Basic external sound card
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Sonic Defender

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May 9, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Looking for a basic USB external sound card (two channel audio use, although I know they all support various flavours of surround) that I can use to patch into my Audiolab DAC from a Dell laptod (about 4 years old I think with a Centrino processor). This is ONLy for when I am just playing 320 mp3s for parties where nobody is listening critically to the music anyway. I like to make mixes and there is no need for lossless audio for party environments (unless you throw really dull parties). I just need a capable sound card that will get out of the way of the DAC in the Audiolab as much as possible. I am running Windows 7 professional on the Dell. Thanks for your suggestions, prefer cards under $100 as this is really just for infrequent use. Cheers.

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