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Bamboo Earbuds!!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by buddha911, Aug 3, 2007.
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  1. buddha911
    I've not heard anything about these"bamboodie" earbuds.For $160, I wonder if they compete with the audio technicas. Has anyone heard these?
  2. Jon118
    The reviews sound like they would be alright. I'm sure you could try a Yuin driver transplant if it was only the look you were after. If I'm using wood headphones though I would use the ATH-EW9s. Still, I bet those would at least look good for a minimalist portable set-up. Who's going to bite the bullet and try them?
  3. Oliver :) Contributor
    I've been wondering about them too, for years actually. They're always on my "can't justify/no real need" list.
  4. MaloS
    Oh damnit...now I have to get these just cause I like random woodies.
  5. tk3
    Wow, the darker ones look pretty cool.
    But the price for earbuds is very high, anyone gonna take the bite? [​IMG]
  6. buddha911
    I guess they've been around for a while, I wonder why I haven't noticed them before.
  7. jamato8 Contributor
    I got some on eBay and will report back on how they sound when I get them.
  8. enjoiflobees
    If they sound better then yuin's earbuds, I will be a little upsets because they will not only look better but sound better.
  9. jamato8 Contributor
    I won't have anyway of knowing since I don't have the Yuin but I know from various people the Yuin are excellent. I hope these are as good, who knows though as I have only read a couple of reviews and none on HeadFi.
  10. kramer5150
    The idea of woodie IEMs was bound to surface at some point. I toyed with the idea, but bailed out on the project when I nuked the e2c drivers I had set aside for the project. I suggested this to Peter and Jens (of Jays) to give it a shot for their s-jays, it would be a very unique IEM... time will tell.

    Bloodwood enclosure, 3mm diameter carbon fiber sound tube, e2c soft-tips.


  11. jamato8 Contributor
    Interesting and extreme. I wonder what the sound signature would be like?
  12. jamato8 Contributor
    Well I received some Amadana bamboo ear buds today, I would think these must be the most expensive ear buds on the market. I found them on ebay used, though the seller said he had only used them a few times and from the appearance of the foam covers, earbuds and packaging, it was a very short few times. They are like new.

    As to the sound, when I first tried them today they sounded muffled and then I realized I had on a recording I had not listened to before and it turned out, when using some trusted headphones that it was the recording. So onto something I knew, some good jazz. The sound was good, open and quite neutral. Now they sound a little closed in and the highs are gone. I think these have not even been broken in as they are going through stages in sound, as we are all fairly used to, so as to the true sound, I don't know yet.

    The build quality is very good. The pivot points have allen bolts, tiny, tiny ones, and fit and finish is fine. The cord is black ruberized, which I don't like but durable and th jack is a high quality gold plated type. They rest well in the ear and stay in place even with quite a bit of movement. The screen over the drivers is just that a screen and not perforated metal. The buds can swivel but in a circle not angled and have rubber grommets at the buds and swivel point near the bamboo. All points where the cord enters the jack, Y connection and buds are rubber molding so that the cord will not be stressed at one point. It does have the J connection, which I don't like but it works.
  13. Jon118
    So basically these are pretty good? Still, very expensive earbuds, but at least it sounds like the sound good, and they definitely look good. Not too bad I guess.
  14. jamato8 Contributor
    Well I got them used for a good price so I can't complain but I hope they open up and the highs improve, we shall see, or hear. They do have bass for those who like that but I want the whole spectrum expecially for the asking price of 150 dollars. The quality in looks is there, more or less but it is in the hearing and so far the Portapros are more to my liking and do fine for portable use.
  15. jamato8 Contributor
    Ok, they are opening up already. I hope they reach sound level they should for the asking price. Right now they are starting to sound good again. I am using the extension cable that came with them as the stock cable is way too short for me and it had not been used so it needs some burning in. The case that comes with them is cloth and for the price could have been much nicer, with more imagination in construction and usefulness.
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