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Baldur MKII / III cables on Shure SE535 LTD questions

  1. skingg
    Hi, I've just recently purchased the red Shures SE535 ltd for use on my phone running voodoo/wolfson sound through Neutron music player + Viper4Android sound drivers on Android. Initial impressions were that I am a little underwhelmed for the amount I have paid for the IEMs so I was browsing around hoping to find some ways to improve the sound off the Shures unamped. Thus I was reading up on the Baldur MKII / III cables and it seems there was no definite conclusion to this subject. That and for some reason I could not access the Westone vs Shure 535 with Baldur MKII cable thread on this forum. 
    My question is, to those of you with genuine expreriences, are the Baldur MKII / III cables worth the upgrade for the red Shures? Do you really here a difference in sound quality compared to the stock cables? Because honestly I do not want to spend another hundred for some placebo effect :p
    P.S. If I were to get a portable DAC to go with my phone and earphones, which would be the best sub $300 value to performance?
  2. skingg
  3. mathiaus
    What did you end up doing? I'm planning to buy a pair of se535 and I'm checking to see if I need be cables or a portable DAC to go with my phone as well. Thanks.
  4. skingg
    Ended up using the stock cables and gotten the Sony MDR-1RBTMK2 headphones instead! What source are you using on the go? I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 (international model) and after listening to it with the Fiio E18, I must say the Galaxy S3's internal DAC (wolfson chip) do sound better to my ears than the E18's DAC. 
  5. mathiaus
    I have an HTC One S as my portable source.

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