Bakoon Japan HDA-5230, a portable amp
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Great to know about the Topping, Thank You, As I age mid 50 and i swear my hearing is going a bit, I tend to like warmer smoother sound, not bright highs and sterile mids...

Thanks for the Feedback, Very much appreciated... Scott.
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Awesome, Mojo2 is about $1100 here in NZ, alittle more than I was hoping to spend, But if its worth the difference then I'll hunt around, the mojo2 is Dac/Amp combo, I guess this doesn't matter ???? Sorry new to headphone audio here... not an audiophile guy, just love good sounding music....

Cheers Scott.
Yeah. It’s MSRP here in Singapore is SGD899 though the shops here usually sell below the MSRP. Mojo2 really punch above it’s price point. It’s on par with cayin n7, shanling m9+ sq wise. Chord DAC sound the best when fed via optical. USB is the worst.
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Looking at the Mojo2, I'll connect from my Laptop, Mainly my source, via Qobuz, so USB to USB, then from Mojo2 to Bakoon, 3.5 to RCA's if this is the case the interconnect cable any suggestions there ???

Cheers, Scott.
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I mean usb still works and sounds good. It’s just that optical sounds even better.
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Ok, Shoot, No USB... OK PLease advice on Connecting this to bakoon and Computer.....

Thank You...
USB/coax/optical is really a matter of taste, but I certainly wouldn't be too concerned - the differences are quite subtle. I personally use coax as it's prone to less noise and interference.
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theory_87 We love Singapore, I tell my Wife all the time we are moving to Singapore in a few years....
Grass is always greener on the other side. I love New Zealand too.

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