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B&O H9 Discussion and Impressions thread

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  1. norbert.mikolajczyk
    I asked b&o about H9i and that was the answer.
    That's why I needed to fine tune my iTunes equalizer on my MacBook Pro because it wasn't using the sound profile I set earlier on my iOS device.
  2. Mercuttio
    I have found the sound quality on these to be quite good- very similar to a Beyerdynamic DT770-80 used for direct comparison. The midrange is more forward on the H9i though. I’m impressed, for a wireless headphone. Has anyone found them to change much with burn in? I wouldn’t mind if they became a touch less grainy in parts and once in a while there is sibilance, though I’d say they were susceptible to it only if the particular track had a predilection for it.
  3. FricoRico
    I've been enjoying the sound quality for the H9i for quite some time now, but I can't wrap my hear around the fact that I'm unable to make calls with the device. As soon as the microphone is enabled it goes into transparency mode and I cannot hear the other person nor any other sound from the computer. I just hear myself talk, like when... You know.. Transparency mode is enabled.

    I asked B&O support and they said it's intended behaviour. How am I supposed the make a call not hearing the other person?

    "You are correct with your observation.
    Transparency mode is always enabled when in a call, using Beoplay H9i. The reason for this, is that it serves as a security feature so you are always aware of your surroundings.
    It is currently not possible to change that behavior, so the transparency mode will always be enabled during calls.

    The behavior that sounds stop playing whenever your device uses a microphone or the transparency mode is also normal and will occur with every device."
  4. trellus
    It sounds like they are misunderstanding the problem, because I’ve never had that issue with my H9i, and I’ve used it for several calls.
  5. Techguy17
    I use my H9i daily for both calls and skype and have never gone into transparency mode.
  6. FricoRico
    The second response was even more weird, suggesting I turn-off transparency mode inside the app. Guess what, the app doesn't even work because it crashes the H9i with update 5.0.7 (known issue). Starting to get really upset with the firmware quality that B&O provides, I had my headset for too long to be able to return it under normal circumstance (5 months now).

    I believe I found out to get it 'working' at least on my laptop. I have to manually switch from the "Beoplay H9i Stereo" connection to "Beoplay H9i Hand-free AG Audio". But my god, the audio quality takes a hit it is the worst quality sound I've heard ever in my life, even a Gameboy puts out higher quality audio. How is this possible on a product with a $499,- pricetag? Is this really intended or is it one of the privileges of not owning an Apple device, thus not supporting special required codecs?
  7. trellus
    That’s likely a different issue, an OS issue / limitation with Bluetooth.

    At least, I can report I have that issue with most Bluetooth headphones on my Macs - to use the BT headphones’ built-in mic, it connects using the handset profile instead of the stereo A2DP profile, and yeah, it’s like listening to an old cheap, radio.

    I don’t have any such issue with my iPhone, though, so I still believe your unit’s issue not being able to use it for calls because of transparency mode is indicative of a defective unit.
  8. natalieann
    is 5.0.4 still the latest firmware update??
  9. Netrum
    My soon to be wife gave me a pair of new H9 3rd gen as a early birthday present.
    I really like them so far.
    How could i not :D
    They really feel like a upgrade from my old Sony MDR-1000X (first gen).

    But i miss having a hardcase, like the one that came with the sony's..

    Can you recommend me a good carrying case please?
  10. Roybenz
    Like the 3rd gen as well. But the volume is a bit low on max. Any fix?
  11. Darksail
    regarding the support of the aptx and aptx HD codec, in the information provided in this forum thread, it was said that the hardware has a lot of potential, in terms of implementing more support for codecs, if you think it is possible and possible, you can write to users of these headphones in support service, indicating to the software development department that would fully unleash the potential of this masterpiece! I do not take into account voice assistants, their disappearance and support time is just a matter of time. These headphones can be used for years (someone gets used to headphones and is not going to look for a replacement), this model has a huge potential for using in time-3.5 Jack, usb-c, bluetooth. When the time of operation expires, what can prevent the use of headphones? -right! -Nothing will interfere. I recently wondered, ordered additional ambushures, my very good friend works with the skin (repair of leather things), we think about making custom ambushures for me (since I have large auricles, and after a long use I feel a little discomfort). Dear H9i (2018) headphones users, I think it's worth trying your luck with contacting b & o support service and making this product perfect. All good and pure sound

  12. Bjareboy
    I ordered these a couple of days ago. It just came to my attention that they only support the AAC codec. In that case I'm worried they won't be good enough the reproduce the sound quality I'm after. Maybe iPhone users are satisfied with that, but I have a Galaxy S9+ (LDAC, APTX, APTX-HD) etc.
    Have any of you compared headphones that support those codecs with the H9i? Is the difference noticeable? I'm afraid I will have to return these and keep my Sony XM2's instead.
  13. garethr
    The H9 Gen 3 which is the current model support SBC, AAC, AptX and AptX LL.

    Broadly speaking the is little practical difference between AAC and AptX - in fact AAC is a better codec than vanilla AptX. AptX LL has obvious latency advantages though. Your S9+ should probably support AAC anyway.

    A lot of fuss is made about different codecs and their perceived performance relative to one another but there are other more important factors in play.
    SBC for example can run to 345kbit/s although actually has no technical limitation. AAC becomes audibly transparent at 256kbits/s and in most cases performs better than AptX at an equivalent bitrate.
    LDAC is never really going to see mass adoption because despite Sony allowing ASOP (and device makers) to license the codec for free it still rains owned by Sony and under their control.
    AptX HD as a codec is soon to be dead and replaced with AptX Adaptive which also includes LL support.
    Bjareboy and trellus like this.
  14. andrenb
    Is it true that the hissing from with ANC turned on is substantially reduced with the newest firmware update, 5.0.7, on the H9i's?

    I returned them last year as I listen to a lot of podcasts and the hiss from the ANC was really annoying even though I thoroughly enjoyed them with music.

    I'm contemplating trying the H9 3.0 but if the hissing with ANC on is reduced on the H9i's I can pick them up for cheap compared to the H9 3.0.
  15. marcus2704
    Received my pair today and initially I like the sound a lot, the problem I have is the volume is a bit low off my Samsung S10 and I end up listening near max with no headroom. Certainly a lot lower in volume than my B&W P7 wireless. Anything that can be done to give it more volume?
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