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AudioQuest Perch Headphone Stand Available Now

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  1. SkylarGray
    I am pleased to announce that our new headphone stand Perch is now available to U.S. customers via AudioQuest's online accessory shop:
    AVAILABLE NOW | $79.95 | Free Shipping (U.S. only)
    If you are outside of the U.S., Perch will be available through authorized AudioQuest dealers worldwide in one to two weeks (roll-out will vary from region to region).
    With its heavy base of die-cast zinc, tall strong steel frame, and curved eco-leather headband support, Perch provides an attractive, elegant, structurally sound foundation for any headphone, regardless of size, headband construction, or cable length.
    Many popular headphone stands are designed in a way that causes the accompanying headphone to hang askew or forces the headband to open wide, thereby gradually misshaping the headpad and earpads, and placing undue tension on the headband. Over time, such headphone stands can actually harm their accompanying headphone, straining the important ergonomic elements that contribute to comfort and wearability. Perch, however, allows the headphone to rest naturally, evenly distributing its weight across the entire headpad, never placing stress on the band, and ultimately preserving the headphone’s structural integrity.
    Further, unlike other designs that require the owner use two hands merely to place or remove headphones, Perch’s design allows for simple one-handed access.
    Perch requires no assembly. Just add headphones.
    _DSC1800.jpg       _DSC1828a.jpg
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  2. Audio Addict Contributor
    Do you have dimensions, especially on the height as my biggest issue has been cable management? How does it manage the cable?
  3. SkylarGray
    You can find dimensions on the product page:
    Dimensions: 165mm x 165mm x 300mm [6.5” x 6.5” x 11.8”]
    Weight: 1.1kg [2.4lbs]
    I designed Perch to be taller than most headphones stands so that cables don't bunch up beneath the headphones. 
  4. Audio Addict Contributor

    Thank you
  5. nmatheis Contributor
    Nice. My Nighthawks will have a Perch to rest on soon :wink:
  6. psklenar
    Does anyone make dust covers that can be used to protect cans on a stand like this?

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  7. elnero
    Can't wait to get my hands on one of these for my NightHawk. Right now I story them on a soft mouse pad in a cupboard, it will be nice to be able to show them off a bit. :)
  8. nmatheis Contributor

    Ask grandma to knit you a headphone cozy?

    Please, please Google "knit headphone cozy". I think you'll get a kick out of it :wink:
  9. Khragon
    Looks good, but I think it'll be better with deeper padding as well as increased spacing between the pads and the posts, reducing chance of headphones hitting them.  With this design it would require concentration putting the headphones on, first to prevent it from hitting the posts, and 2nd to rest it in the small padded area.
  10. Mediahound
    SkylarGray - It seems like you've got some work to do on order fulfillment. I placed an order for the Perch on Friday and now we're in to Tuesday and it still hasn't shipped.. I was emailed a FedEx tracking number Monday but it shows as invalid, does not even show a ship out.
  11. SkylarGray
    @Mediahound I have sent a request to our orders team to check on this. It would also be helpful to contact them directly so that you don't have to use me as the go-between—sometimes I can slow things down if I'm busy with other projects.
    email orders@audioquest.com
  12. Mediahound
    I did contact them but they are giving me an answer that does not make any sense so far. 
  13. SkylarGray
  14. Mediahound
    My first look & review (video) is here:

  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Love that you also used the Z1R, that is the headphone I would be using with this stand. Ideally there would be a little padding over the metal bars, but that isn't a deal breaker at all. Cheers.
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