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Audiophile ps4 help

  1. Cperry911
    Hi, I will be outlining my plan to audiophilize ps4 with chat support.
    Now im i don't want to spend a fortune, and I'm not looking for the best audio ever. Just really good. Keep that in mind i know i can use others to sound better but i want to keep a good ratio between cost and quality.

    Products being considered for use.
    1. Ps4 pro

    2. schiit magni 3

    3. Schiit modi 3

    4. Sabrent 2.1 usb with mic

    5. Rolls 2 ch stereo mixer

    6. Headset Sennheiser gsp 350
    Because good mic and good headset.
    I dont want to go with a good audiophile set of headphones with modmic because i really like the flip up to mute.

    Now my setup.

    Optical main game sound.
    Ps4 optical -> modi 3 -> rolls mixer -> magni 3 -> gsp 350.

    Chat portion of chat party setup
    Ps4 -> sabrent usb -> rolls mixer ->
    -> magni 3 -> gsp 350.

    Optical sound and sabrent chat audio meet at mixer. Using mixer i can use it for my game/chat balencer.

    Mic setup
    Ps4 -> sabrent 2.1 mic input -> gsp 350 mic.

    Pretty simple.

    My Questions.

    1. Will this work? Lol
    2. Do i need a pre amp for mic?
    3. Is there a better way to do what i want without using "gaming" mixers (astro i mean you).
    4. Any forseen problem concerns?
    5 will this sound good?

    Thank you for helping!
  2. Cperry911
    Ill prolly try this setup. But it would be nice if someone could look this over that know more audiophile.
  3. snowekim
  4. Cperry911
    I'm not going with mixamp because i hear about alot of problems with mic issues and low quality audio. But good cheap option.

    Mayflower ARC i originally wanted to use that, but i had no way to inject chat audio in optical before amps. I could after but then i need a mixer to handle higher power output. And another amp on chat line before mixer. It would just cost more and I'm not sure about quality. I could use the usb chat that it supports but then only way i could adjust chat/game mix is with ps4 headset on all audio. Then the slider in ps chat party. Which doesn't really do much. I feel this would have better results. ARC cant do balance control. I emailed tyler to make sure.

    Thank you for taking the time to help!
  5. Cperry911
    I could go with creative g6 and save a lot of trouble but i would this my idea would sound better?
  6. Cperry911
    Rolls MP13 Mini-Mic Preamp i might try this.
  7. snowekim
    I have the mixamp pro TR and i haven't experienced any issues with the mic and the sound quality is fine.

    The only thing is that it's not really an amp so it has problems driving higher than 32 omhs.

    Anyway that shouldn't be a problem with the headset you're planning to buy, it's very easy to drive( around 18 omhs).

    TBH you don't need an amp with that headset and you would benefit more from the virtual surround sound from the Astro for the PS4 games that don't have native headphone support.

    If you decide to buy more powerful headphones In the future, you could always double amp.

    The Mayflower arc is also a good option, the only cons I see is that you will have to balance the chat/game audio with the PS4 configuration and it doesn't apply virtual surround. But it's a way more powerful dac/amp than the mixamp pro tr.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  8. Cperry911
    I might go with audio technica athm50x still researching. I think im to going for good audio sounding headset then add a mod mic. If I'm doing this for better audio i need to have a set of Cans.

    I am aware i don't really need an amp but better to push your amp only 10% than 80% cleaner power i am assuming.

    I really want to control the chat/game balance with finer control.
  9. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I've only tried using the ATH-M50X headphones for a few minutes, but from what other ATH-M50X,have said, is the M50X are bassy and not the best for surround sound (FPS gaming), but ask around yourself.
  10. Cperry911
    What do you think of the v-moda crossfade m-100?
  11. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Those are something i have considered buying, not heard much, if any, negative things said about them, from people who own them.
  12. Cperry911
    I did get the rolls mini mic amp.
    I also am going to try the v-moda crossfade m-100 with boommic.
    I will update as i go.
    I worried about not having noise cancellation.

    Does anyone know of a good addon mic with noise cancelling like sennheiser.
  13. Cperry911
    I am also getting schiit loki equilizer.
    Because i heard crossfade m-100 have to much low end and not enough mids and highs. So ill adjust it myself.

    I also get Brainwavz HM5 ear cups to help with comfort.

    Once i get them i will fiqure out best way to incorporate them into the headset
  14. Cperry911
    I'm thinking about adding sidetone to chat audio through splitting mic after mic preamp. One to ps4 usb, other to another mixer with chat audio. Then that's output to Mixer with optical audio from dac. Then have sidetone with adjustment, game/chat balance.
    I know it's bulky and alot of money but i want it to sound good and function like gaming headset.

    Will update as i go.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  15. Cperry911
    Checking in,
    i did order another mixer and necessary cables. Can't wait to hook it all up.

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