Audio Technica WS1100 - Replacement Pads

  1. daiso one
    I've been trying to find the perfect replacement ear pads for my ATH-WS1100's for the past couple of months but haven't been able to find any resources on this topic. The closest I got to was a post on a few that have been tried and tests like the Brainwavs HM5 pads. I contacted Brainwavs directly and they told me to measure the pads, however the measurements on my headphones didn't quiet line up with their pads.

    The stock earpads were comfortable but due to the climate and sweat here, they have started to deteriorate rather quickly.

    1. Has anyone got third party quality pads for these headphones before ?
    2. What should I look at when getting a pair of replacement pads online?
    3. What is the difference between angled and flat ? Do they really make a difference.
    I'm trying to consider on which material would best suit the climate here in Singapore too. Its generally hot and humid most of the time.

    Currently I've come across the Sheepskin/Pleather versions from Brainwavs as these are readily available in Singapore (where I'm from) through an online retailer.

    The links below are the ones I am planning to get but have no clue if they fit or not. Would really appreciate if someone could help me out here. It's been weeks of research and I've only come down to these three where I've found posts about. However, never really got a definitive response on how they actually affect the sound quality or if they would suit the climate.

  2. pbui44
  3. daiso one
    Hey thanks heaps man. I just ordered the Pleather ones cause the sheepskin were sold out and I badly need the replacement. I managed to take the old pads off and take some measurements. Then doubled checked the sizing with the local distributor. Hopefully I get to do another upgrade in a month or two to the sheepskin ones. I guess it would be safe to just have two sets lying around just in case.
  4. daiso one
    Brainwavs pleather HM5's replacement pads work perfectly and they fit well.

    I'll get the sheepskin ones next.

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