Audio Technica CM700: Qualias on earbud form factor (sadly without perfect fit)
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Jan 24, 2005
I just got those yesterday and I never expected to find such a level of detail on a earbud (non canal-phone). And this straight from iPod Classic unamped.

Unfortunately the sound is quite lean. They sound like Qualias without good fit or (to less extent) to K1000 without proper amplification. This would be a trade-off that I wouldn't accept on a full-size can but for such a small and convenient form-factor I'm willing to give it a try for some kind of music. Besides, the brail will adjust to the sound signature making things a bit better.

What is really annoying is that this could have been avoided to some extent if Audio Technica were using a more spherical shape (like vintage sony earbuds or B&O A8) instead of that extreme disc shape they went for. A spherical shape would fit best the pinnea avoiding the big leakage on bass/midbass I can perceive). To make things worse, earphones with lean sound signature are more vulnerable to background/ambient noise.

Still a very interesting earbud that puts most full size cans to shame detail-wise. I hope that AudioTechnica will improve the range in the future. I like earbuds and I'm not a big fan of canalphones. Universal ones doesn't work for me and although it is true that my UE10s sound great, sometimes they are too intrusive/isolating and wax/sweat can annoy sometimes.

After listening to them it is hard to go back to the 888s, A8s or any of my earbuds. The fuller sound is welcomed but you miss that detail. The level of detail that allows you to perceive the nuances of the human voices or the friccion of the arcs on the violin strings.

Well, just wanted to share my first impressions with you, just in case somebody was looking for that level of detail on earbuds. Be warned about the lean sound signature, though...
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Yeah, almost all AT's earbuds are on the lean side, though the level of detail is great. Now you only need to listen to a pair of properly amped Yuin PK1 to complete your high-end earbud journey... till OK1 comes out that is
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Hi guys!

Since I do not like the in-ear phones feeling, I prefer earbuds, I have for an year senns mx90vc and was happy but now I want an upgrade. I tryed b&o A8 and they was great, but I cannot decide alone....and since I'm not native English I cannot understand what is this "lean" sounding.

I'm searching for something for a trance music coupled with mu iphone? Are these cm700 similar to A8?

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