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audio-gd : musical sounding dac reference 9 +neutral sounding amp c-3 =?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by superjohny, May 18, 2010.
  1. superjohny
    i am not sure how these will sound as a combo...
    bad recording or lossy file formate will be compensated by reference 9?
    i am thinking of getting either c3 or BUDA+DPS, although price is nearly half as the other.
  2. haloxt
    I asked Kingwa about it and I think his opinion is that you won't have to worry about small recording flaws with the ref 8/9. However, the ref 8 and ref 9 probably have a lot of soundstage, which is the first thing to be altered by lossy compression formats. If you don't have much lossless music, I suggest getting a $45 3 month subscription to magnatune.com and downloading unlimited lossless music from their 600+ album catalog.
  3. superjohny
    yea, there's no need to worry if paired with ref8/9, however, how would it be if the music passes thru ref8/9 then thru a neutral amp?
    so my question is would musical flavor dac + neutral flavor amp be a good combo?
    but i guess not many ppl tried c3-final yet. 
  4. haloxt
    I would ask audio-gd that question, don't know if anyone here has tried the various equipment needed to answer that question. If you're afraid of too much syrup by going musical dac+musical amps, I think it's not likely with audio-gd because Kingwa has a personal preference for neutral and knows the danger of too much syrup.

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