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Audio-Gd Master 7 - Discrete Fully Balanced DAC (PCM1704)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by darknightdk, Sep 3, 2012.
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  1. mivarpet
    Mine's done now too (Master 7 with Amanero)

    My first impressions are also very good. Like DACladder, the first thing I have noticed was the improvement in bass - less bloat and better mid range definition - bass guitar harmonics easier to follow, etc.

    I'm listening to some jazz now with a lot of high hat tinkling going on and the sense of rhythm with those is greater.

    I think perhaps the sound is a tad less warm? That's due I guess to the tighter bass and upper extension.

    The listening session probably will be a bit longer yet. The DAC takes a good hour to warm up (which is why I leave mine on 24/7 normally).

    Many thanks Kingwa

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  2. Khragon
    Can you guys post the file some where so I can download without using thr chinese site.
  3. mivarpet
    @Khragon - sorry, can't do - they transfer the file, program and then delete the file.

    I didn't download the software from the Audio GD links. I downloaded the software from the Altera website and it worked fine :)

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  4. Mashi-Maro
    Hi All,
    My DAC is an early Ref 7.1 without Amanero (DigiHub USB)
    My opinions of the upgrade are as follows:
    1) Bass - TOO MUCH bass and now booming. Feels fatiguing after about 40mins. Like a subwoofere level too high.
    2) As a result of the bass, lower mids seems to be hidden. Middle mids (ie. vocals) seems very forward and narrow soundstage.
    3) Treble - very sharp (and piercing when listening to opera)
    Seems DAC is now equalised to a "W" which represent the 3 peaks with very deep valleys where sound is lost.
    NOS mode (ie. both jumpers on) gets confused in complex music. E.g. Paul Anka & Celine Dion voice is inseparable in parts when both singing in "It's Hard to Say Goodbye".
    I much preferred the prev firmware. Switching A/B with Gustard X20 reveal much more micro detail and a more balanced soundstage.
    In one sentence, this firmware makes my system sound like a Bose Home Theatre demo at the shops.
  5. munce31
    I've got the M11 but I'm sure my question will relate to the M7 as well. 
    With regards to the Amanero, the additional instruction supplied by Audio-gd specify that a cable on the front panel board be cut.
    My question is: If I have an Amanero USB board in my DAC but I am not using the Amanero as an input, do still need to cut specified cable?? 
    Currently, I am using HDMI i2s from a SU-1 as my input.
  6. munce31
    Have you tried changing your configuration pins?
  7. Mashi-Maro
     I have tried nearly all possible combinations.
    NOS mode: as above
    2x: slightly clearer
    8x: almost up to the detail level of Gustard X20
    However in all settings, the overpowering bass and equaliser settings are the same as I described above.
  8. DACLadder
    My Reference 5.32 was reprogrammed with the new DSP firmware.  Previously the 5.32 sounded similar to the Master 7 though the M7 was more dynamic sounding, had less vocal grain, and slightly more harmonic coloration (warmer).
    Using SPDIF the 5.32 sounds like a new DAC!   Similar experience - plenty of bass but better quality, clear vocals more forward, and shimmering highs.  Damn, sounding really good!
    Yes, I agree the new DSP firmware loses some warmth but gains precision and accuracy.
    I always thought the Reference 7.1 was the same as the Master 7 but no USB input. 
  9. Kingwa
    The Reference series had much different to the Master series.
    Less bass and more roll off on high, less dynamic and detail but warmer.
  10. DACLadder
    Continuing to enjoy the DSP firmware change on both the M7 and Ref 5.32.   Pace and rhythm with these DACs have improved especially  compared to 4 years ago with early USB32 use.  Frequency balance and clarity in the vocals is what I like best about the change.     
    Does any know where I can download 384k and/ or 352k PCM sound file samples for testing?
  11. abrusc
  12. mivarpet
    Try here for some 352k samples - http://www.2l.no/hires/index.html?
  13. DACLadder
    Thank you!  Yes, the new firmware supports the higher sampling rates OK !   But those files sizes are huge! 
  14. pervysage
    Did anyone do the upgrade with Quartus 16.0 or has everyone so far used the 12.1 that was posted by Audio-gd?
  15. DACLadder
    Quartus 16.0 works fine for me with WIndows 10.  I upgraded two DACs without fail.
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