Audio GD C2-C v. C2
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Jul 9, 2009
I'm about to purchase (as in today or tomorrow) the Audio GD C2-C and in my trying how to figure out how to buy from Audio-GD I noticed that Pacific Valve & Electric have the C2 that I can order from the US, but not the C2-C. So, I'm curious, what's the difference between the C2-C and the C2. I'm going to be using the amplifier to power the headphones I'm going to order soon as well, AKG K702s.
I'm also curious, will my soundcard's DAC be good enough to feed into my amplifier? I'll be mostly using my computer as a source.
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I have this exact question as well. I am in the market for a headphone amp for my K702 and was looking at the C2-C but am not 100% sure about the order process.
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Yeah, if anyone could provide an answer to this, that'd be awesome.
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the c2 has preamp function while the c2c does not, it is a straight headphone amp. it is about 6 bucks cheaper to order directly from audio-gd in china than from pacific valve when you factor in shipping costs. the unit from pacific valve comes installed with the earth opamp upgrade though. this is a 25 dollar upgrade from audio-gd. good value. also, pacific valve will not service units bought directly from china. they are the authorized us dealer for audio-gd.
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Actually ended up buying from eBay with the Earth upgrade already installed with the other two modules in the package as well. Better customer service, I find. Was able to talk to the seller directly, was pretty happy about that. Looking forward to getting my hands on the C2.
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I am not sure but I guess C2 has acss connection, c2-c has not. 

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