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Audeze service

  1. novaca
    do you know anyone the chance to repair the Audeze headphones in Europe? In my country, when I re-import from the US (from repair), I will pay VAT on the price of the headphones (not repairs). And local dealer (their service) are unable to get spare parts...
    Thanks for the tip.
  2. gimmeheadroom
    maybe try to contract the official importer/distributor for your country
  3. novaca
    It was the second thing I did. They returned me back unrepaired headphones.
  4. gimmeheadroom
    Atrocious and all too familiar :frowning2:
  5. novaca
    you know, the Czech Republic...
  6. gimmeheadroom
    actually, I didn't mean here. I have to say things are pretty ok here. I lived in a bunch of other places, and I had that kind of luck you mentioned, so I know the feeling.

    Are you in CR?
  7. moriez
    If the spare isn't for sale I think any type of repair will have to be done in the US. Time to befriend people or depend on friends/family in other European countries to be on the receiving end ^^
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Thing is though the regional distributor should be able to provide parts support.

    I'd tell Audeze about that problem and they might sort it out between them.
  9. gimmeheadroom
    Right and if not the distributor is obligated to at least handle export/import so the end-user customer doesn't have to deal with customs charges.
  10. moriez

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