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Audeze LCD-MX4

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Dobrescu George
    Hope it all goes well, and you'll be able to enjoy them very soon! :)
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  2. thebkt
    I've been really enjoying mine with the Reveal profile. I didn't feel like Reveal did much to help the X compared to dramatic change Sonarworks made, however, the slight tweak made to the MX4 is just enough to my ears. Some songs on the X sounded soft, veiled an a little muddy to my ears, whereas with the MX4, I'm very happy with the default sound, and appreciate the little bit of a change Reveal makes.

    One thing I noticed recently is quite a difference between Balanced/Unbalanced on my NFB-1 with the MX4. I've listened to them through the balanced output almost exclusively since getting them, but earlier in the week I tried out the SE output. It seemed to be the most pronounced difference I've noticed from my amp out of any cans I've tried. I discovered this in a brief attempt to A/B my X and MX4, but alas, it pretty much invalidated any real comparison.

    For what it's worth, I going to stick with the MX4, as it sounds a bit inline with my tastes and the weight reduction leaves it as a more versatile headphone for me. I can wear the MX4 in more scenarios beyond sitting still in my chair, which is great. In saying that though, when I put the X back on, they still sound bloody great. If I had the means, I'd keep both, but I think in the near future I'll probably sell the X, even though my heart wants me to keep them.
  3. CaptainFantastic
    Are you saying the MX4 sounded noticeably better via balanced?
  4. thebkt
    Yes, though I'd attribute that to the amp specifically.
  5. groovyd
    Reveal to me is pretty much useless especially compared to Sonarworks. It is really a shame they don't just partner up with Sonarworks to provide headphones or them to create calibrations for.
  6. groovyd
    DHL picked up my MX4 and finally on the way for custom calibration. measure twice cut once Sonarworks and god speed :wink:
  7. EDN80
    I'm tempted to do that myself, though they say it only takes 10 days shipping time via DHL from Riga, Latvia to wherever you are -- in my case, the US-- I doubt that's true. Wonder too if it could void Audeze warranty. Hopefully Sonarworks adds the MX4 and a few other Audezes to their custom headphone calibration profiles. Though using the LCD-X profile in Reference 4 does just fine.

    Also, just to try it, been playing with two free VST plugings in JRiver since the MX4 responds so well to EQing. Liking what just a touch of either SonEQ or Baxxpander do to the MX4 sound. Adding a bit of that warm, vintage analog bass to the MX4 sound, that I guess, gets them closer to what many describe as the bassier, warmer Audeze house sound. I like the results, though just mostly using Sonarworks Reference and Reveal.

    Clipboard 1.png

    Clipboard 2.png

  8. wenbinbin2010
    Ended up returning my LCD-MX4 and sticking with LCD-3s. In the end, I realized I was using EQ to make the MX-4 sound like my LCD-3, and it never really satisfied, so why try to force the more "advanced" and expensive headphone? I actually also liked the LCD-X a little more than the LCD-MX4, at least for casual listening. The LCD-MX4 has better resolution and soundstage, but is more neutral IMO than the LCD-X. The LCD-X at least has that bass thump to give it some character.
  9. groovyd
    i'm really excited to compare the X and MX4 side by side once custom calibrated. there is a very slight weight advantage though I wish it were greater and i might be starting to favor the look of the MX4 though I favored the look of the X at first my attitude about that is changing. i'm hoping the MX4 is more revealing, cleaner less distorted in the bass and has a bit more extension up high. if so I might just sell my X even though I love them and they are one of the very early models with arguably better sound then later and more recent versions.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2019
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  10. EDN80
    I actually love the detail, resolution, and soundstage of the MX4. Liking too that it is so analytical and revealing. Hearing details that I'd never heard before in my recordings, esp. classical. And I love that it is naturally so neutral as you can pretty much tailor the sound to your liking. And they are sturdy and really love the new design. An amazing pair of headphones really. Steve Guttenberg was right in his review.
  11. eugene2
    I put the fenestrated Dekoni EarPads on mine, along with using Audeze eq. on Roon. Seem to be a little firmer on my head and less fatiguing on the ears They seem to open up the sound and lift a veil. Need more time with MX4, they also worked wonders on my Focal Elear...
    I tested the MX4 versus my buddies LCD3, the 3 seem to be darker and more “colored” than MX4. I like the aliveness of the 4. I owned the LCD X for a minute sold them pretty quickly they just were not my cup of tea. I think the MX4 will be a keeper, I will experiment with amps, they seem to pair well with Hugo2. Contemplating a Monoprice Cavalli Platinum.
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  12. kid vic

    Listened to the LCD-3, LCD-XC and MX-4 yesterday (not pictured: HD800S, Elegia, Elear, Clear and Utopia) at my local hifi-shop.
    I see why people love the LCD-3, its so easy to get into and enjoy the music with; I also really like the MX-4s, its closer to my preferred sound signature than the LCD-3 and the bass was gorgeous, however, there was something about the upper mids I didn't quite get but that may have been an artifact of switching between them so quickly. (I'd have to sit down for a long time with both on my system to figure which I preferred). The LCD-XC sounded good but not competitive against its siblings.

    The Elegia sounds like hot garbage IMHO. first gen Beats by Dre>>>>>>Elegia
  13. groovyd
    No doubt, the MX4 needs EQ'd to really shine. Get mine back any day now from Sonarworks with custom calibration so they should sound pretty sweet
  14. eugene2
    Could you explain the custom calibration process, exactly what are they doing to your headphones. Thanks!
  15. groovyd
    They are simply hooking it up to their precise measurement rig and running sweeps to determine the exact frequency response and then formulating an inverse EQ profile that puts it within 0.9db of reference flat across it's entire spectrum. They return the headphones to you and you then download that profile into their audio effect plugin which works on windows or mac within most decent music apps like JRiver. They also have a 'systemwide' app that can execute the adjustment across all system audio if you prefer it that way. The end result is simply a custom tuned audio plug-in that corrects your headphones to a reference flat response. From there you can confidently add back in whatever profile you prefer knowing you are starting from flat. Personally I prefer a perfectly flat response and so I don't make any additional modifications.

    Their software works not only for custom headphone calibrations done this way but also they provide a ton of average calibration files that will put any of those headphone within 3db or better of flat without you needing to send them off. Their software also supports you to custom calibrate your room speakers as well using a calibrated measurement microphone and their measurement app. The process of calibrating your room speakers you do at home. The only time you have to actually send your headphones in to them is if you want that extra 2db of precision custom tailored to your single pair of headphones.

    Once I get mine back I will post on here the resulting profile so you can get an idea what it looks like. Good chance your pair may require nearly identical correction in which case just dialing the curve into any parametric EQ would give you an idea what it might sound like flat. At least it would be a good place to start.

    In my opinion Sonarworks Ref4 software is the absolute best benefit for your buck of anything you could invest in for improving audio on both speakers or headphones. Dollar for dollar you will get much more out of it than any new amp, dac, or headphone/speaker purchase or upgrades. In fact it can turn almost any pair of headphones regardless of cost into headphones that sound like the best headphones in the world.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
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