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Audeze LCD-MX4

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. eugene2
    Thank you Groovyd! Wanted to make sure, that’s what I thought, mine may measure slightly different because of the Dekoni pads.
  2. CaptainFantastic
    How hard was it to change pads? I understood that the stock ones are glued on. Is there a fair amount of risk involved in pulling them off? Do they remain usable or are they removed? And finally, what kind of special glue do you apply to put the new pads?

    Apologies for the torrent of questions.
  3. eugene2
    Really easy just need to get finger nail under that first bit of glue sealant to ensure you are pulling it completely off. You need to pull slowly and watch the glue lift as you pull around the headphone. Once you get it off pull the protective paper off the new pad and place it on the old pad. Make sure you align the new pad correctly, the seam on the pad is your guide, look at the placement before removing old pad. See the below link
  4. groovyd
    You almost never are able to remove the old double sided tape they use to stick them on and so you would need to replace that with new tape but they only send you one set of tape with new pads so you will need to make due with something else. It's a terrible design to be honest.
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  5. groovyd
    Here are the Sonarworks calibrations for my 3 different LCD-X/XC/MX4 and also their average for the X for comparison...

    My Custom LCD-MX4

    My Custom LCD-X

    Average LCD-X

    My Custom LCD-XC
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  6. groovyd
    the MX4 is still enroute back to me but I was able to download the profile already and it looks a lot more extended in the bass as expected and previously witnessed. Lots more bass and tighter more controlled bass is giving me about 10hz more low end extension. Highs also look hotter and I believe this will render itself as being more resolute and transparent in cymbals, the delicate aspects of voices especially female, etc. Can't wait to actually hear them but this looks very good and very much as expected compared to the X, essentially they look like a better behaved and more linear and resolute X.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  7. groovyd
    ... they were waiting at my door :wink: First impressions are as expected, improved extension both on the top and bottom end with a bit more vocal forward presentation. Comfort-wise identical to the X, maybe a little more svelte. Early impressions but I might say they are a very slight improvement over the corrected X. Nothing huge but a touch more refined and balanced across the spectrum. Soundstage is more accurate and spacious. Instrument locations are a bit more well defined. Worth the upgrade but only as corrected.
  8. eugene2
    I know I was lucky no tears and only a slight ripple in one small section of tape. I’m lucky the originals can go right back on mine. I was slow and methodical, good luck.
  9. chimney189
    Let's be honest, is this headphone comfortable for long listening sessions or is there a constant feeling of a brick on your head. :p
  10. CaptainFantastic
    Honest - owner since September and it is comfortable. I can wear the MX4 for hours, music, gaming... I don’t think of the weight. The LCD 2CB was too heavy. (for me)
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  11. groovyd
    Exact same as the X, too heavy and actually quite hot and sweaty with the original pleather earpads. I replaced the leather pads with the old style vegan but they are no longer identical since the new MX$ style pads are much stiffer foam and the old vegan pads are a bit softer which puts your ears within touch range of the fazors. My ears just barely brush the fazors in the MX4 while the X they don't touch at all. This can get uncomfortable after awhile. If you change the pads for vegan you might need to add a thin neoprene ring between the pads and the headphones which I might end up doing soon. That would of course change the sound slightly from what it was calibrated with. The weight is a real problem for me because I had neck disc fusion surgery and every ounce counts.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  12. CaptainFantastic
    Sorry to hear about your neck problems. It's an unfortunate issue to have if you enjoy headphones, but I hope you can find light models to help you.

    You do say that every ounce counts. The LCD-MX4 weighs in at 555 grams (my own unit, weighed without cable). The LCD-X is 630 grams without cable according to multiple websites. That is a difference, enough of a difference to not be "exact the same", at least not for someone who doesn't have a neck condition. I speak from experience. The LCD-2CB weighs in closer to the LCD-X and it was too heavy for me. The MX4 is not, I honestly listen to it for hours without thinking about the weight or feeling discomfort. I only take them off when I need to switch to my closed back when I need to stop bothering people.
  13. thebkt
    My MX4 is noticeably less cumbersome than my X. I would notice the X on my head over extended periods, but I was still comfy. The MX4 though has enough weight shaved off that I basically forget about it. That's not to say it disappears, but there's zero pain or discomfort, just a noticable thing hugging my head.
  14. groovyd
    Without cable my X actually weighed less then my MX4 by 15g, so...

    I am a little curious about these Meze Empyrean though. How do they sound compared to the X/MX4 and are they much lighter?
  15. Sound Eq
    did u end up keeping mx4, and did v281 make a difference
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