Audeze LCD-MX4

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. UELong
    Well, Audeze has that reveal thing. Can't get it to work. At least I got what I payed for. Can't risk SW as I definitely won't.
  2. SomeGuyDude
    Why? It sounds awful. I've tried it on three different sets and it always comes across as unnatural and strange sounding. All they do is take a headphone's frequency curve and try and EQ it flat. Tried it with the LCD-X, the HD650, and the HD700, and in all three cases the results were palpably worse.
  3. soullinker20
    depends on how you would like them to sound it's yours anyway :)

    i'm much more excited to AB these with the Abyss Diana since they're in the same price range
  4. groovyd
    Clearly YMMV as I can't listen to any of my custom calibrated headphones anymore without it.
  5. UELong
    That's why I'd like to try the reveal, see if curves from the makers might be of good effect.
  6. SomeGuyDude
    Much as I love Audeze, I'm heavily suspicious of the idea of carefully tuning/creating a headphone only to give people software that is, apparently, intended to make it sound "right."

    This was a large beef I had with the iSine.
  7. UELong
    Do you mean that it doesn't sound "good" unless one used that connector cable with DSP or something on it? I recall reading a review that the ISign had to be used with some in-line processor to tune it 'right.'
  8. SomeGuyDude
    The iSine sounds very different just using the 3.5mm versus the Cipher cable, which is iOS only. I was all set to snag the 10 until I discovered this and was heavily unimpressed. If the MX4 is pulling a similar gambit then I'm out.
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  9. I g o r
    Exactly my same thought.
  10. UELong
    Yes; My terminology was all over the place. But that's what I meant. I don't buy into the whole Apple system, and for an IEM to sound good only from an Iproduct, doesn't seem wise to me.
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  11. SomeGuyDude
    I don't see it as an apple issue, I see it as a "you have to buy it with the more expensive add-on" issue, because the iSine lightning is $50 more than the standard, and the "Reveal" software strikes me as another issue. The headphones are supposed to sound "perfect" (meaning, however they're supposed to be tuned) right out of the box. What if I hook them into something that can't use Reveal? Does that mean my MX4 are gonna sound wonky?

    This is really bothering me, truth be told.
  12. soullinker20
    i have an i4 w/o cipher cable.
    have they done this with their other HPs?

    I for one love stock cable :)
    did a lot of cable rolling but always return to stock

    i did use the mx4 on a mixer and the vocals are very accurate:

    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
  13. SomeGuyDude
    Far as I know it's just the iSine... currently.

    And personally I listen to a lot more than just vocals, so as good as it is to know the vocals are accurate I'm gonna be listening for a helluva lot more than that.
  14. soullinker20
    i am picky when it comes to iems/HPs

    i tried to like Audeze at the past because of their sound but those previous models wasn't my cup of tea (except the X but still lacking on me) 'coz i thought they only serve me on some genres. now the mx4 did it for me as being well rounded. i do prefer them over utopia that im using :)

    it's just the abyss diana that make me think again now
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  15. KMann
    We released Reveal plugin with presets for all of our models. The existence of the plugin does not suddenly make the LCD series that have long existed and been positively received by audiophiles, without the plugin, inferior or badly tuned. It is an option we provide for those who want to use it. No headphone would satisfy everyone (unless it has alien technology that morphs itself) and all headphones can benefit from some personalization. Why else do head-fiers spend countless hours and money rolling cables, amps and other components to try and alter what they hear to better match their preference. We will continue to update the plugin for all future model. We tune all our headphones to sound best out of the box and sound their best in their respective categories. We see the plugin as an alternate flavor and the dry/wet control gives you control over how much you want the sound to be altered.
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